Silver Linings

April 19, 2006 at 11:07 pm (Uncategorized)


Instead of having a sudden cardiac death, Nate is still around to love and be loved. Huge silver lining.


Celti, for answering my call for help with my business cards and brochures. She’s worked up a beautiful design and has been beyond, just beyond, anything you could imagine.


Seven, for answering my e-mail for my website design. He speaks a language I don’t understand at times, and it’s not Cajun, but has taken Celti’s design and has been working on the perfect look for my new website with perks.


An angel, who prefers not to be named, for being overtly generous and helping me out with a slight logistical problem and ensuring that I nabbed a ticket to Houston for Blogmeet. Exactly, why aren’t you coming with me???


AZ, for understanding my other logistical problems and just for understanding me, period.


You. For understanding when I don’t answer your e-mails on time, miss your calls, forget to change your link, forget to visit, and sometimes, forget to link you at all. Thanks for understanding how full and crazy my life is right now and that eventually life will tilt and be back in some semblance of balance, which for me, is about 15 degrees off anyway. You’re appreciated.

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