Wonderbra – Rated R

April 11, 2006 at 10:35 pm (Uncategorized)

I bought one today. I bought it because my bra strap broke. I did happen to be at a local store when it happened, purchasing clothing. I thought, “How fortunate, except, they only have two bras… and OH, how fortunate, one is in MY SIZE! But… it’s a Wonderbra…why in the FUCK does a size D cup need a Wonderbra?” Doesn’t matter, I need a bra. Holy Hera. I have more boobs than I thought I did and now, IT REALLY SHOWS!!

Not to mention, I had worn a sleeveless shirt under my blazer and it was in the 80s today and the law firm I work for does not allow sleeveless shirts so this is why I was shopping, not to mention, I just need some new clothes. Well, new to me since I was shopping at this consignment store.

I bought this really beautiful turquoise shirt that looks awesome on me, boobs and all, and all boobs that I was today. This is of course the day that one of the partners of said law firm that I’m working for decides to meet me (and the girls) for the first time. He noticed the Wonderbra, well, the girls in the Wonderbra. All of the women at headquarters must be flat-chested because he was acting like he’d never seen a pair before. That’s okay, because he was good looking, had that cute little gap between his teeth, I know he’s rich, and I was wondering what he was built like under his Levi’s. Yeah, I can’t wear a sleeveless shirt but he can wear Levi’s. The difference between the haves and the have nots.

AZ and I were yakkin’ about it and other things (other things being backrubs and blowjobs and how I think he could use both and I need to keep my skillz up, but you didn’t hear it here) and I mentioned that I could wear my Wonderbra whilst engaging in said, ummmmm, “Skillz Test,” and he said, “Well, you know, Wonderbra just means, ‘Gee, I wonder what’s under that bra.’” Which elicited a gut busting hearty laugh from me until I caught my breath and said, “So, we gonna help each other out?”

Deep, sexy makes-my-toes-curl voice “Let’s see what we can set up for next week.”


Did I just orgasm?

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