April 9, 2006 at 10:57 am (Uncategorized)

My life can’t decide what it wants to do… go along really fast or screech to a halt. Or maybe the screeching to a halt is just really a normal pace.

Nate has been having a few problems with his heart rate speeding up on occasion so he had to have an EKG. He’s off his medication until we get the results back. That means life is moving at a faster pace. Much faster.

Colors and design have been chosen for Her Royal Evilness’s bridal necklace. Next weekend, if all is well, I’ll be going to Columbus, although many trips are in the planning phase, like Abingdon/Asheville, Pittsburgh, Houston (maybe), Baltimore, and Carrboro.

I have been beading quite a bit, as you can probably guess and have some new photos for your viewing pleasure. I bought two new beading books yesterday and I found some perfect beads to complete a piece I’ve been working on.

My love life sucks and my sex life sucks worse. Not much more I can say about that. So, here’s some pics so you all know why I haven’t updated my link and why I haven’t been around. Hope you all had a happy, relaxing weekend!

This is a purple dyed agate wrapped with pink with pink and magenta Swarovskis. The soon to be necklace protion is being beaded around a straw.

New cocktail ring. I changed the band to a flat two-drop peyote. Comfort level increase 100%.

Blogger won’t let me upload another ring I did. I’ll try to post it on my photoblog later.

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