April 5, 2006 at 9:59 pm (Uncategorized)

I finally get the chance to read and comment on Blogger and freakin’ Hatefulscan is down. Fuckn figures.

Talked to AZ today (after three aborted phone calls and one additional e-mail) about an e-mail I had received about a t-shirt. I gave up and just sent him the e-mail, unedited. Perhaps it put a smile on his face to see someone refer to me as “cupcake.”

No, the convo did not proceed to “He Who Shall No Longer Be Named.” Didn’t have time nor perhaps even, inclination. He’s probably asleep by now so the chances of any further conversations on the topic happening this evening are slim to none. Two people + too much work = one conversation over several days (in snippets). Not stereo, snippets. We are the Snippet People.


Oh, yeah, our trip to the Science Explosion. Well, it was fun for the kids. Nate acted like a little butt part of the time but once Danlel backed me up on how he was ruining our fun, he straightened up. The powers that be there told me to call them mid-August to discuss selling my jewelry there.

Still have to contact Tamarack about doing an artist demo. Still need my business license and a business account and then have to contact Paypal about that. Making bead buying plans. Looks like next weekend in Columbus, BUT I did find this bead shop in Asheville, NC. Now, who do I know that lives in Asheville???? Hrmmmmmmmmm…..

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