*Rolls Eyes*

March 24, 2006 at 12:18 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday, on my way to the bank, I called my parents to let them know the happy news. My mom answered the phone and I said, “Hello, your daughter is now an artisan at Tamarack.”

There was a short pause and then my mom says, “Oh, she is?” Then there was another pause.

I said, “Yeeeaaahhhh…” The woman is acting like she had not a clue that I was going to Tamarack.

Another pause.

She asked something as I got my money from the bank and continued on home while giving the abbreviated version of events. As I got out of the car and was yelling to Nate and trying to get everything in the house, I told her I had to go.

She said, “Well, congratulations.”

I said, “Okay, thanks.”

She was totally thrilled and tickled pink, it was just stuck somewhere deep inside of her. The overwhelming emotion shut down her joy center. She must have been all choked up.


Validation is nice but you can’t live for it. If I wasn’t proud of my work, I wouldn’t have taken it down there. It’s nice to have validation from them and from others that they like my creations, especially you peeps. But, what it comes down to, is being proud of your own accomplishments, challenging yourself, and continuing to improve.

I can’t say that I’m surprised by her reaction, since I’ve lived through it many times in my life. I’m more irritated than anything, irritated that she thinks I need her to be proud of me in order for me to be proud of myself. The Peach stopped playing that game.

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