So Much…

March 16, 2006 at 7:53 pm (Uncategorized)


I miss you guys!! Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve worked totally without a computer? A long ass time. My hand started cramping today. Right now the documents we are reviewing are from the accounting department *YAWN* Yet, they dangle the carrot in front of us saying the “real important documents” are right behind these. We received two more banker’s boxes today. Still interesting, although it’s tiring because I’m not used to it. I’ll be cranking by middle of next week.

Lex and That Love Metal Band From Finland

H.I.M. I’m so fucking addicted to these peeps. I practically wrote a dissertation to Lex about my insanity over them. He played their song, “Wings of a Butterfly” at the end of his shift today. I IM’d him when I got home and said, “I heard that!! You’re feeding my addiction!! I see how ya are!!” Speaking of Lex, he’s hooking me up with a station contact for a sweet deal on a cell phone. It pays to have friends in low places.

Blogger Dreams

A blogger dreamed about me. I have no details but I’m always interested in what situations I find myself in in other peeps dreams. I hope I had a good time!!

Nate and Sensei Smiley

Nate has had strep throat so he’s missed three days of karate. I had to go in and talk to Sensei Smiley today because for some reason, the payment was not coming out of my account. Come to find out, I had it on my debit card, which I had to replace because it broke and they issued me a new number and now… I can’t find the damn card!!! DOH!! I don’t think he’s really interested in me. I also forgot to tell him I liked his hair cut, but, I still have to talk to him next week when I find my card. Regardless, I don’t think he’s very interested, maybe mildly but, nah, not really. He’s still nice to look at.


Dum, dum, dummmmm… I really shouldn’t have cracked on him so hard. He is, after all, writing one of my recommendations for Columbia. If anyone on this Earth knows me, it’s him. If anyone knows my writing, it’s him. If anyone knows my ambitions, it’s him.

Regardless, truth is truth, but he’s put up with my shit too. Just a sliver of clarity to know that even if I don’t like some of the things he does, doesn’t mean I don’t still like him. There’s much more to him than the asshole. Still doesn’t atone for the other shit, but either I accept him as he is or I don’t. For now, I do, just much wiser in the process. I also invoked his name for my cell phone deal, again, proving that having friends in low places has its advantages.

That’s about it from my end of the world. There’s probably more, but I’m soooo tired!!

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