Where Shall I Start?

February 28, 2006 at 10:24 pm (Uncategorized)

Nate was an asshole in karate this evening. A couple of times I wanted to walk out onto the mats and jerk a knot in his ass.

In good news, Nate wrote his essay today, all five paragraphs, in two hours.

The Nabes are being evicted. They have to be out by Monday.

I have submitted several resumes. I have heard nothing.

I’m constipated creatively and must have no less than eight bead projects ongoing, trying to get ready for jury in three weeks.

Baby Squeak, that is the abandoned kitten brought over by The Nabes, is dying. It’s sick and Lola abandoned it under the bed. It was so near death when I found it, I thought it was going to die in my hand. Now, it’s gotten warmed up and is living up to it’s name. It’s pitiful. I thought about kitten formula but if it’s sick anyway, why prolong it? Than again, I see this incredible will to live and hate to let it just die without a fight. I don’t think I’ll have much choice by in the morning.

Sensei Smiley was not at karate tonight.

We haven’t heard anything from the private school.

I’m applying for an Associate Editor position at Bead&Button Magazine. Trouble is, the job is in Waukesha, Wisconsin, which is where our dear KtP went to college. Couldn’t be that bad. Could be bad if Jeff wants to raise a stink with me, which, I’m sure he will IF I even have a chance at the job since I don’t have a degree in Journalism or any other art.

It’s been five months since I sent out an article. The months creep by.

I wasn’t able to pay all of my bills this month.

I’m very frustrated, with just about everything right now. Very frustrated. My job ends April 1st. I’m tired of going to work and having nothing to do but look for another job. I’m grateful I still have a job, but I’m bored. I’ve tried pulling files, I answer questions, I’m trying to close out as many files as possible before I go, just so no one else that has no idea what is going on has to deal with it. I check my voicemail three or four times a day. I check my e-mail.

I’m so very frustrated.

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