Snow… Maybe

February 10, 2006 at 9:46 am (Uncategorized)

It’s been one of those weeks. I’ve been very busy at work since Sissy went on maternity leave, which is great, since it makes the day go faster. It’s supposed to snow bucket loads which means we’ll get a flake or two. I live in the “Chemical Valley,” squashed between Carbide, Bayer, and DuPont.

There’s a nuclear reactor chemical factory right across the river from me. Someone has said we would be close to the top of the list for terrorist attacks except our population is not high enough. Since the factory across the river manufactures the exact same thing they did in Bhopal, India (ya’ll remember Bhopal, right?) it seems like it could cause far reaching consequences regardless.

My only consolation is if the factories are bombed or otherwise terrorized, we’ll go quick. I live too close to even make a run for it. Then again, I live in a sort of bowl, just like New Orleans. The road is built up above the river on what could be seen as a levee, then it dips down and the back up to cross the railroad tracks. I live in between. If there’s any explosion and the train is on the tracks, it will blow the train over on the peeps across the tracks from me. Heh, who lives on the wrong side of the tracks now?

People wonder why I always flush my toilet. My parents are notorious for “saving it up” so as not to waste water by flushing every single time you take a piss. I flush every. single. time. Why? It may be the only clean water we have in case of a shelter in place. While the toilet bowl may not always be pristine, at least the tank water is manageable.

All in all though, I’m not prepared for an emergency of the magnitude which could occur in the event of a leak or explosion at a nearby factory.

Now why did I start writing this? Oh, snow. That’s why we don’t get any snow anymore! The chemicals in the air I think just heat it or dissolve it or something. I’m not sure. If it starts snowing pink or green then I guess I’ll have my answer. If the fish can glow, why not the snow?

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