Mix and Match 2

February 5, 2006 at 11:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Dear Followers of Islam: Congratulations on showing the world what non-violent, peace-loving, diplomatic individuals you are. For those Muslims who do not condone the violence, speak up before your brethren ruin your name before all of the world. Not that the Taliban and bin Laden haven’t done enough of that already.

I’m not saying I condone blasphemous cartoons or caricatures of any religion, and I can understand your ire, but, that’s what Courts are for. Using violence to get your message across only gives us the message your violent thugs instead of thoughtful, intelligent people capable of putting two words together. “Jihad” for the record, is one word. Two syllables, one word, doesn’t count.

Its no wonder the Danes started this. Maybe this is the way the world really gets to see what Muslims are all about. Newsflash: I stopped listening when you started throwing rocks, breaking police barricades, and burning embassies.

And if you think its bad being Muslim, you should have tried being Catholic in the U.S. when the whole priest/child molestation thing was going on. Yeah, I saw some pretty rank cartoons at that time. Some that even made an old pagan like me blush.

I read on CNN that you were told the Danes were trying to re-write the Quran too. Ya’ll believe that shit? Maybe you should try reading a real newspaper instead of that propaganda they shove down your throat. Oh, that’s right, you’re not allowed because its not Islamic approved, which is probably the reason those other Muslims MOVED TO ANOTHER FREE COUNTRY.

Here’s a thought. . . if you live in a free country, meaning freedom of the press and freedom of religion, then take what comes with it: You’re just like everybody else. Your religion, your politics, and your lives are just as open to ridicule as the rest of us are, regardless of some notion somewhere that Muslims and the Quran are above all that and somehow are special. Take all the offense you want. Maybe I take offense to MGM making “The Wizard of Oz” but you don’t see me burning down their studios.

Take it to the Courts, take it to the U.N. and let Kofi pat you on the head, but remember, those caricatures may be forbidden under Islamic laws, but the Danes and Norwegians don’t live under Islamic law, jerkwads, and if you don’t like it, then go somewhere where your gentle constitutions will not be upset by brash Western thought.

Ya’ll done pissed me off and I’m tired of your bellyaching. Maybe its because I’m not Muslim and I don’t understand how you can condone this, maybe I don’t know enough about your religion, but you sure as fuck aren’t giving me any reason to find out. Piss. Off.


We got one for the thumb!! WOOT!! GO STEELERS!!


I got this great idea about a short story!!! Then I started research on the Roma people and found they are still one of the most discriminated against populace in the world. It made me very sad because my family are thought to be descended from the Roma. I would have to have a DNA test to prove it, which I’m seriously considering as part of the Melungeon DNA project. Regardless, it still made me very sad and a bit angry. Can anyway say “screenplay” instead?

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