And Then There Were Three

January 29, 2006 at 3:37 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, we’ve lost the black kitten and the black/white kitten (sorry Cybele). I was pretty sure the black one wasn’t going to make it anyway. It never did breath right after birth and it was weak.

As for the black/white, not sure. She may have lain on it, but like the black one, it wasn’t as strong as the others. One of the tabbies is not looking so good either. The grey one and the other tabby are stronger, heavier, and move around more, oh yeah, and squawk more when you pick them up. Lola has allowed herself to be petted more now than she has her entire life. She was born April 6, 2004, so that’s a long time. I don’t expect the other tabby to make it.

Lola’s brother was Mongoya, or Goya and was her polar opposite. I blogged about Goya here.

Nate named Ireland and Mongoya because he was studying foreign countries in Geography. Mongoya was supposed to be Mongolia. Ha!

I’m looking forward to getting a new job for several reasons but one specifically is I’ll have enough money to get Ireland and Lola fixed. Then all my cats will be fixed up, no more kittens to mourn.

Frankly, I’ve been looking ahead to my future quite a bit. I mean, long-term future. No matter how much I love Nate, I know he’s growing up and before I know it, he’ll be going to college. I want him to be able to go anywhere he wants regardless of price or distance. As for me, I want to start traveling again, even with Nate and sat down to make a list of fascinating places I want to visit. I get my ideas from the Travel Channel, especially “Haunted Places.”

I want to visit Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Colorado, and several other places I’ve already been, plus the Northeast (Mass., Maine etc.) And of course the foreign travels, Tibet, China, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, and other Slavik realms.

I also told T-Bird last night, any place that puts me as far away from Jeff as possible. I was reading a true crime novel last night and the killer reminded me so much of Jeff it was frightening (Malignant Narcissistic Personality). He’s not as bad as that guy but was close enough to make me extremely wary. Not that I wasn’t already. Trust me.

Although its a ways in the future and I still have everyday things to think about, its worth making plans for.

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