Hodgly Podgly

January 13, 2006 at 2:04 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m uninspired today. I am bowing to my audience in an attempt not to bore the hell out of you today. I doubt I’ll succeed.

I’m sending Chrysalis in to the magazine of choice after just a few more tweaks. I may also enter it into the WV Writers competition. The same with Sermonus Interruptus. Do you remember that one? The one about me interrupting the sermon at my grandparent’s church? Problem is, the rules say I can’t submit anything that has been published on website that has more than a 1,000 viewers annually. Does that count if I re-write it? I suppose I should try and take out some of the cuss words, but I thought of entering it in the comic section.

If you haven’t read it, I’m sorry. I took it down because back then I didn’t have the readership I do now. Not that I believe in any way that 1,000 people read that piece of fine literature, nor did 1,000 people read Chrysalis, nor do 1,000 individual people read this blog. Puh-leeze. Not even over a year.

I haven’t heard from AZ in like, forever. Forever being the week before Christmas. Why haven’t I called him? Cuz I’m a wuss. I’m afraid I pissed him off and I don’t want to deal with it. Its better to ignore the fact we were speaking more than once a week and then suddenly, oh well, we’re not talking. *Shrug* It’ll come back around.

Applied for another job today. Whoo. Hoo.

No kittens, just one bulging, bulbous cat.

Nate enjoyed his first ‘real’ karate lesson yesterday. He actually called Jeff this morning to tell him what a great day and week he was having instead of the normal, “I’m in so much trouble.” Nice of the bitc… I mean, ummmm, teacher to let him do that.

Why do people in extremely large, long vehicles park in the corner spot in the parking garage? Do they not realize that any vehicle coming around the blind corner has to then swing wide into the oncoming lane? What the fuck! I hate that. I hate it and I hate them. Who the fuck, even in WV, needs a truck the size of Sherman fucking tank? And why are they so fucking rude as to literally put everyone else in danger as they back their monstrosity into a parking space leaving a foot of space between their precious fucking bumper and the wall, which makes their over-large, sorry your dick is small, super king cab, stick three feet out further than any other vehicle?

I don’t care if they do it in the middle but why on the end? Why where everyone, ANYONE, who comes into the garage is put in the position of being met head-on by another stupid fucking person in an SUV that will never see any off-road action? Total and utter bullshit. It should hurt to be stupid.

I’m done bitching. Happy now?

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