I Broke Sid’s Cherry

December 19, 2005 at 11:13 am (Uncategorized)

Yes, faithful minions, twas I, the Nanner Peach, who broke the Doom Bunny’s cherry this weekend. After multitudes of e-mails, uncertainties, and checkbook balancing, I set off from Casa Moon Saturday morning about 4:30. Sid had graciously invited me to the great state of NC for a beading buying bonanza. It was beadiful my people, absolutely beadiful.

I miscalculated the distance so Sid and I had to rush through our coffee and pastries so Sid could get to work. I had no idea how Sid looked. I didn’t know if she was tall or short, heavy or thin. Imagine my surprise when this dark-haired, fresh-faced, smiling young woman, who would have looked at home on any college campus, came across the parking lot. Hugs, hugs, hugs, smiles, pastry eating, coffee drinking, bead talk followed.

Then, a rush to the bead shop, which was, for a very tired Peach, beadtopia. This place was BUSY and sounded like it got even busier after I left! I made out with 10 new vials of delicas (that’s the creme de la creme of Japanese beads), a pack of Czech’s, three spools of thread, and two different kinds of needles. I’ll not disclose how much cash I dropped but thanks to Sid, it was less than it should have been. (Friend discounts ROCK!) THANK YOU SID!!! *MUAH!*

Sadly, I had to get back home, instead of napping, so after many hugs, I had to leave Sid to her beadiful existence. I have no doubt if I lived closer, Sid and I would spend many hours in a beading circle. I fell in love with one of her gorgeous creations on display and for sale at the bead shop. Think mermaids and fairies. Beautiful and something I would be proud to wear.

As for my beads, I finally got the opportunity to sit down with my new beads, thread, and needles to start my Mom’s Christmas gift. After two false starts, I hit a great rhythm. If you recall, I’m making my mom a bracelet (instead of watchband) based on the Log Cabin quilt pattern. I had planned on blue and purple, but ended up with creams, browns, and greens. The colors are blending beadifully. AND, since my mom gave me my digi cam yesterday, I will be able to post a pic once I get the first section done.

I’ll tell you about Christmas with the bro and family tomorrow. Thanks for all of your comments on my last post. You guys and gals give me faith and keep me from pulling my hair out. Thanks!

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