Nate and the Light Bulbs

December 10, 2005 at 7:35 pm (Uncategorized)

Over at Lois Lane’s home, you’ll find my virtual Christmas present. She couldn’t have picked a better place for me to, as Hoss would say, make my pile writing a novel. A beautiful place in the country, butler, maid, what a life. She also gifted Mr. Nate with multi-colored light bulbs, I’m assuming as a way for peeps to know when he’s got a great idea and what category that idea fits into. Nate has a lot of experience with light bulbs…

One day, I was working (probably blogging or reading blogs) in my computer room, listening to Nate through the open door and the vent on the A/C, when I heard the distinct sound of glass shattering. More like a tingling actually, so I hollered at Nate and he said he had no idea what happened. One of the thin elongated glass bulbs in the ceiling fan had burst. Suspicious for sure, however, that end of my house is known for its power surges, especially when the A/C is on so I figured it may just be possible. I off-handedly asked Nate if he hit it with anything – broom handle, yo-yo, crowbar, cat’s skull, to which he answered, “Um, no.”

I turned around to turn the fan off at the wall switch when I heard glass shattering again. I turned back in time to see Nate’s weapon of mass destruction. A water gun. Yes, yes, that little shit was using ice cold water to break the hot glass from his vantage point on the couch. Nope, he never went anywhere near that ceiling fan.

Let’s just say, Nate hasn’t broken anymore bulbs out, then again, I haven’t given back the water gun yet either.

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