December 5, 2005 at 11:49 am (Uncategorized)

Applied for another job this morning with a local health insurance company to do investigations. I put an implicarus spell on my resume.


The pain in my jaw has switched from muscular to nerve. Want to see Inanna writhe in pain? Let the nerve in my jaw get irritated. In about five seconds I’m in tears and ready to take a hacksaw to my jaw or the nearest individual. The sharp, rending, pulsing pain is insane. I would rather give birth. I wonder if they can give me an epidural in my face? Think crucio.


Saw Harry Potter 4 over the weekend. Nate thought it rocked, I thought it … sucked. BAH! I’m with Totsie…. except I wanted to point my wand at my head and say “obliviate” or point my wand and screen and say, “reparo” or “engorgio” and then turn my fine wand on Mike Newell and say, “rictusempra.” And I hope he pees his pants too. There’s a new spell for you, J.K. urinatus.


Nate told me the other day that our house “lacked the holiday spirit.” I’m sure if I had more spirits there would be more spirit in the house along with all the other spirits. Tostus Tuiquila anyone?


Just for fun today… create your own spell and put it in the comments. I may conjure a handmade Inannaornamentation for you or inannaornatus.


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