November 13, 2005 at 11:39 pm (Uncategorized)

Going into some situations, you have a feeling for how they may turn out. Old patterns repeat themselves, leopards never change their spots.

What if you realize you’re the leopard?

We want to believe if other people would just trust more or take a chance that things would work out the way we want them to. We’re expecting them to change to satisfy our needs, in essence, blaming them for our own unfulfilled expectations.

The reality though, is that it may not be them. It may be ourselves.

We settle ourselves in a rut. Our own rut. Our way of thinking. As patterns repeat themselves with the same people over and over again, we tend to blame them. Yet, we’re just as capable of making change as they are.

I have placed blame where it is not due.

The time has come to peel the onion some more. Its time to shed another skin. And I have a feeling, its going to be a very tough because I don’t know where to start.

The Onion

Look at your hands
Now imagine
you have no fingernails
the ends are smooth and round
now imagine
there is something slick
on the end of your fingers
Rub it around

Before you
is an onion
Its very large
Its white
It is not sweet
It will burn

You must peel the onion

It is trussed in its shell
the decaying outer shell
But you cannot harm the onion
How will you peel it?
You have no nails
You have no knife
Your fingers are slick

How will you peel it?

There is always a flaw
a crack, a fissure
and you will work your finger
around it
it will be difficult
You must be patient
For you may not harm the onion

You must rub the shiny dead skin
along the crack, the flaw
until it opens
And then you will cry
The onion is not sweet
The onion will burn

Every layer
of the onion
must be peeled.

It is tedious
It is time consuming
It is frustrating
It burns
It makes you cry
but you must not harm the onion

You may not toss it the air
You may not smash it
on the table
you may not use a knife
Nor a nail
Nor anything sharp
for the onion
is fragile

is what the onion needs
Every layer
is thicker and harderevery layer
will burn
every layer
will make you cry
but you must not harm the onion

In the onion
there is a core
it is the most fragile
It is the sweetest part
of the onion
it will not make you cry

As you cup it
in your hands
you realize you’ve spent so much time
peeling the onion
the other pieces
the outer shell
are withering
and dying

And you are left
with the sweet core

Peel your onion
but do not harm the onion
for it contains
your sweetest core

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