My Name Is Patience and I Am A Virtue

November 4, 2005 at 10:52 am (Uncategorized)

I taught Nate how to knit last night. He took to it with boyish abandon, wielding the needles like lightsabers, decidedly dis-delicate. Not that Nate is known for being delicate in any way.

Nate has been in a lot of trouble lately. A lot. Monday, we, meaning Jeff and I, are having a meeting with the school folks to put Nate under the 504 plan and write an IEP. If you see smoke coming from the general direction of WV on Monday around 8:15, you know what happened.

Jeff and I are both Scorpios. Say what you want about astrology, but in our situation, this can either be a very good thing or a very bad thing. Right now, we’re vibrating just a hair’s breath apart as opposed to that entire cosmos that normally exists between us. We’re both stating our feelings and trying to come to a peaceful compromise so that instead of us battling each other and the school system, we’re putting our stubbornness to work for Nate.

Its almost frightening.

Normally, Jeff is the hot head and I’m the calm, cool, collected one. (That’s relatively speaking….) Now I’m channeling Vlad the Impaler and he’s sitting there like Little Bow Peep!

Anyway, Nate likes to know how things work, why things are… that’s why he wanted to learn to knit. He wanted to know how it worked. Now he wants to make a scarf.

*Deep breath*

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