October 21, 2005 at 2:57 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi, we are Inanna’s boobies. Pleased to meet you. We have been with Inanna since we grew overnight from size A’s to D’s when she was about 13, causing considerable consternation and discomfort, not to mention, boys had no idea what to do with us.

Inanna was quite a lady (back then) and kept us firmly under wraps and underwire bras until about the age of 20, when she discovered… men really liked them. And we really like men. Inanna has been known to flash us in bars, even when not intoxicated and lovingly allows the sun’s rays to warm us when she can get away with it, especially in Europe.

Since we were good enough to supply copious amounts of milk to that nipple-knawer, Inanna is good enough to feel us up, once a month, to make sure nothing nasty has invaded we girls. Please, be good to your girls and feel them up and have them felt up on a regular basis.

Since Inanna is ready to turn 35 in ONE MONTH she now understands the importance of firm support and low cut tops. She was once told that no one cared about her baby belly because, they just couldn’t get past those magnificent breasts. That’s us. Once, when Inanna was having… ummm.. an intimate moment, in the dark, she sat up from what she was doing, which shall not be disclosed, and when the light hit us, we received an appreciative, jaw-dropping-eyes-glazed-over “WOW!” We are certain it was due to us and not anything that tramp was doing with her mouth.

We have gotten her into some trouble over the years, especially at that Christmas party where she left us vulnerable in that strapless bra and spaghetti strap dress. Although it’s nice to be loved, one at a time, please!

And, as if the nipple-knawer wasn’t enough, we’ve been soaked in beer, wet t-shirted, and ice-cubed, and let’s not get into that other stuff. We retaliate by making it impossible for her to find a dress or bathing suit that fits both us and her ass (which ain’t that great).

Well, the mistress has to go and that means we have to follow or lead, as the case may be, so ya’ll stay cool, be good to your girls, and let the bead throwing commence.

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