Overhead in WV

October 6, 2005 at 8:00 am (Uncategorized)

Guy: I guess I should stop drinkin’ all that beer too, huh? (Sarcastic)

Girl: Yeah, I cut my beer consumption down. You can drink beer…

Guy: Oh, yeah but I should drink responsibly.

Girl: Yeah, I cut back on my beer and just upped my liquor consumption.

Guy: I think I need to roll my pants up cause the shit is gettin’ deep.


Did ya’ll hear Katie Holmes is preggo? GAH! COUGH! SNORT!

Where’s my inhaler?


I attened a training session yesterday for electronic filing for the Federal Courts. It was a good presentation, I should have just drank a bunch of coffee before I got there. I ended up doodling peeps profiles. One lady had a rather large bulbous nose with a recessed chin. One of our instructors had a long, narrow nose, very Grecian (or godly). Think of Hera from Disney’s “Hercules.” Dead ringer. Another lady looked like she either drew her eyebrows on too high and arched or had a tight eyelift. She reminded me of Voldemort.


I’ve been re-reading “Rocket Boys” aka “October Sky” by WV boy, Homer Hickam. You should read this book. I can’t begin to explain what an accomplishment it was for him and his friends to build and fly rockets in the late 1950’s in rural, deep southern WV. Its very inspiring.


Speaking of inspiration… make a pot of coffee, let the animals out, lock the kids up, and get ready for NaNoWriMo. That’s National Novel Writing Month which is in November. I think you should all participate. I am. Again. Didn’t get very far last year but I’m gearing up for this year. Woot! What are you guys gonna write about?

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