Sittin’ Up With the Dead

October 5, 2005 at 7:07 am (Uncategorized)

*Since they pulled my gas meter last night and installed a new one, I have been unable to get my hot water tank re-lit. I’m hatin’ life about now as I wait to clear the gas to try again!*

Ever sat up with the dead? Yeah, me neither, however, its still a practice here in the Mountain State. One man even put it in his will that they were to sit up with him all night and feel the spirit or something. They did and of course the tiny church where he was laid out was full of people all night, singing and praying and gossiping. The Appalachian dating service.

I remember my Ma-Ma talking about it but I’ve never personally participated in an all nighter with the dearly departed.

Speaking of sitting up… got a call from my buddy AZ last night, which is pretty unusual. I normally have some warning that he might call to shoot the shit and complain but he further unusualized the evening by asking if I had any “porch time” available. I have a nice porch that overlooks the front yard and the train tracks. Its an acquired view. Since the nights have been fairly nipply, there aren’t any mosquitos out and it was just us and the crickets.

Its sort of become a tradition for us to sit on the steps of my porch when there’s serious talking to be done. AZ is a very ambitious individual and suddenly someone was standing in the way of his ambition. He’s honorable too but with a low threshold for any type of stupidity and excuses. Hence, he’s having to make a tough decision regarding one of his businesses and I know it had him down. There are many who would say he’s totally heartless and he can come across as such, but he’s really not. He would just prefer peeps get their shit together and when they don’t, he wishes he didn’t have to be the one to set them straight or send them packing.

Now I’m sitting here wondering, hoping I can get my tank lit. It is practically brand new and has an electrical ignition! What’s the freakin’ problem??? Argh! I don’t do cold showers.

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