There Are Two Sides to Every Coin… We’re All Coins

October 1, 2005 at 12:55 pm (Uncategorized)

** UPDATE** Check this out… my mother was actually right… we creative types are definitely different… Bet ya’ll wish I hadn’t found LiveScience now…

I can’t find the disc with my poems on it, so you’re stuck with just me today.

I was chattin’ with my buddy Beanie last night and got a great idea for the title for a novel or novella… Good Girls Always Do. Do what? Heh, that’s what the writing is all about.

I have written some fairly odd and horrible things about people who are horrible and odd, especially as an early writer and inspired by Stephen (King) and Dean (Koontz).

Let’s face it, the bizarre, the macabre, it intrigues us. As much as we hate serial killers and rapists, we’re fascinated by their deviance. It may sicken us. We may shrink and grimace from descriptions of the chaos left behind, like a good book by Patricia (Cornwell). That’s horror. No sane mind can conjure what a real deviant mind lives.

Yet, within each of us lives a deviant mind. We belong to the light, we belong to the darkness, so sayeth Pat (Benatar). We live in light, and dream in darkness.

As a writer, contemplating a character capable of dismissing human emotion and barreling ahead with their own twisted needs and wants, not held in check by the desires of others, striding ahead, nonchalant, never listening or perhaps never hearing the voices screaming to stop, an owner of a lonely heart (so sayeth Yes), an empty heart, an impulsive wreck who lacks the capability to even recognize their impulsiveness and the reactions to their actions …

A character who is so sure and confident because they lack the emotion to be insecure. A character who only feels and desires, who has no hate only cunning. A character who stalks and manipulates, feeding the needs of others only to get what she wants, leaving a trail of empty hearts like candy wrappers and dolls with broken heads behind her, skirting the edges of sanity and never quite tipping over …

As a writer … you must wonder, how much is autobiographical?

Where does redemption live?

You’ll have to read the book.

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