The State of the Union – September 2005

September 14, 2005 at 6:17 pm (Uncategorized)

Fossil Hunting

Nate and I found some and I took pictures. I’m just waiting to get the film back or rather, to use it all, and then get it back after developing.

I FUCKIN’ Love You, Bitch!

Jeff and the kids were in a car accident almost two weeks ago. A woman hit them almost head on. Luckily, it was at a low speed and everyone is fine, except Jeff. He has the spine of 90 year old. They also saw a “suspicious spot” that they think may be cancer. Did I tell you he was diagnosed with diabetes a while back? Did I tell you how much weight he’s lost?

He’s got a lot of on his mind, not just with all of the wreck related stress, but his spine, the “suspicious spot,” his diabetes, and that leads him to basically be an ass, hence the subtitle, which basically leads me to be upset. The subtitle was his response to me asking him if he hated me since he was being as mean to me as he possibly could, or very close.

I alternate between wanting to choke him and being very worried that my son may have to watch his father die, not to mention, damn it, and don’t ask me why, I still care about him.

Sometimes you look at someone’s life and say, “ENOUGH ALREADY!”

Face Ache

Finally discovered why I’ve been feeling so crappy. My face has been extremely sore and achy. I went to the dentist, it wasn’t my teeth. Yeah, I got a couple of cavaties, but neither are serious enough to cause any pain. I thought it might have to do with my sinuses – not them either. I got my eyes checked today and they were the same prescription so it wasn’t eye strain.

Finally, finally, finally, I woke up this morning to find the pain had receded from the top of my head, my jawbone, my cheekbone, and down the side of my face, to center right over my left tempomandibular joint. A gift for all the times I spend grinding my teeth.

No, not in my sleep, I snore, I don’t have time to grind. I grind during the day. I’ve probably caught myself five times while writing these last two sentences.

The Relic

Remember the king size waterbed frame I had? Well, I finally took all of the parts up to the attic. Well, almost all of the parts. That’s what anger and sadness does to you. It makes you do stupid things, like haul heavy shit up creaky pull down steps while trying to keep from stepping on the six cats who think, “HEEEEY!! MOM’S GOT THE ATTIC OPEN!! LET’S GO LOOK!!! Better yet, LET’S RACE!”

Test Results

Nate got his standardized testing back. He scored: Distinguished in Math (the highest),and Above Mastery (the next highest) in Spelling/Reading, Social Studies, and Science. His Star reading test came back at 5.6, meaning in the 3rd grade, 9th month, he was reading and comprehending on a 5th grade, 6th month level. He’s my boy!!

So, that’s the State of Union – September 14, 2005.

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A Moment of Silence

September 11, 2005 at 9:32 pm (Uncategorized)

Reflect. Remember.

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Digression Into Gulf

September 8, 2005 at 9:39 am (Uncategorized)

Sorry, no light-hearted blog today about the Mothman, The Braxton County Monster, and other strange, bizarre, and frightening phenomena about West Virginia.

I was up this morning about 2:00 or so, my back aching, and well, just generally everything aching. Of course, what do I do? I take an Ibuprofen (the only one in the house), and I run about the Blogosphere, hoping to distract myself, laugh a little, and generally visit.

I didn’t get very far until I was upset, angry, and grinding my teeth as I read comments sections digressing into the physical equivalent of shouting matches, fistfights, barroom brawls, and riots.

Not since the elections of last year has Blogland been so divided along political lines. Now it would also appear that chasm is widening along socioeconomic lines. Its not just on Blogger either. I read journals from AOL, MSN, livejournal, etc.

Everywhere I go I’m inundated by sarcastic, back-biting, smart-assed, snarky, hateful language, all directed at each other. Everyone has something to say, and no one wants to listen, they just want to say what they have to say, and no on else knows as much as they do, and no one else makes a valid argument. Then if you click on their blog, expecting some dissertation supporting their theories, its not there.

Even the blogs where they aren’t talking about Katrina in the blog itself, they still get flamers because of a comment they made at someone else’s blog, so just trying to read the people who have had their say and let their feelings out about Katrina last week, doesn’t work either.

Katrina has uncovered incompetence at every level of government. It has shown us how a few people can make life miserable for many, whether they be government or street thugs. It has shown us miracles and travesties. As always, disasters show the very best and the very worst of human behavior.

We all want to believe we’re the National Guardsman carrying little girls to safety. We’re the people patrolling the streets, making it safe. We’re the people in helicopters and boats, saving people from dire, life-threatening situations. We’re the people handing out water and food. We’re the people helping people find their loved ones. We’re the people instilling hope and dignity back into devastated communities.

If that’s who we want to believe we are, then we need to stop acting like street thugs.

I can’t take it anymore. Its like a train wreck you can’t stop watching but I chose to stop watching. As an empath, you learn to filter. My filter is overwhelmed. I’ll be back next week sometime. Nate and I are going fossil hunting over the weekend and I would like to continue my West Virginia series but I can’t do that until I’m not feeling like I do now. I need some fresh air and some time with my little person.


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Where The Hell Am I? And What Am I Doing In This Handbasket?

September 6, 2005 at 8:56 pm (Uncategorized)



What? Where’s the applause? I know you want the skinny on my home state. The good, the bad, the ugly, and mostly, the just plain weird.

Since I’ll be having an out-of-state visitor next month, thought I would attempt to paint my state in the very best light possible. Yeah, I got some flat land here too. Every place has its ups and downs, and being called “The Mountain State,” you can imagine we have plenty of both. By the way, that’s our nickname. Every state has one, like – The Peach State – GA, or The Sunshine State – FL.

(Photo from
A little WV pre-history to get things rolling. For the past 12,500 years (maybe sooner), WV has been an inhabited land. First came the Paleo-Indians who hunted the mastadon and mammoth until the climate changed and they moved on. The Archiac Indians were next and they stuck around for about 7,000 years and somewhere along the line they became Woodlands Indians. The Woodlands Indians which inhabited this part of the WV were called the Adena Indians or moundbuilders. Indeed, there is a mound within ten miles of my house and there was one plowed under to build a high school which was even closer. Moundsville, WV, is named for the Grave Creek Mound, the largest Adena burial mound in WV. (Although it is in the northern part of the state.)

WV was at one time completely submerged in water and many fossils of seashells can be found high in the mountains. Many Indian villages can be recognized by mussel shells as the Kanawha River used to be clean and the fish didn’t glow from the toxicities spewed forth by the chemical factories in the area. You will not find mussels and clams in the Kanawha River now, although I’m told in certain areas the crawdads grow to the size of small lobsters and have two heads.

Given our rich Native American history, its quite possible wherever you build your home, you may be building it on an Indian burial ground. The Shawnee, Iroquois, and Cherokee used the Kanawha Valley as hunting ground but resisted actually living here. Something about bad spirits. There are also whispers of an ancient Native American tribe, even more ancient than the Paleo-Indians, which were a blonde-haired, blue-eyed tribe of giants, some over 8 feet tall, which were eventually ran out, killed, or assimilated into other tribes. Ahhh, the unexplained mysteries of man.

I’ve got a bit of Native American blood in me. I have at least two ancestors on my Mom’s side, and one on my Dad’s who were Native American. Its presumed they were either Cherokee, Shawnee, Creek, or all the above.

In the Appalachians, many claim Native American ancestry, and its probably one of the many explanations for WV/Appalachian folklore, rich in ghost sightings, the Mothman, and other unexplained phenomena, including the Braxton County Monster, the Lady in White, banshees, and other fabulous things about my home state and its people.

As T-Bird and I would say, “Get in, sit down, shut up, and hold on.”

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Hair Pic…

September 5, 2005 at 8:23 pm (Uncategorized)

My digi sucks ass… but this will give you an idea of what my hair looks like now.

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I’m Not Going To Change Anyone’s Mind…

September 4, 2005 at 11:16 pm (Uncategorized)

And that’s not what I’m here for. As Jeanette reflected in the last posts comments, it isn’t healthy to remain bitter. Luckily, I have my blog as a forum to post my thoughts and rants and release all those bitter feelings. As I’ve said before, writing is my emotional release. Its not just about creatively writing, or technically writing, its about release.

I’ll not change anyone’s mind although I hope you learn something by stopping by on occasion. If you change your mind because of something I wrote then its because YOU changed your mind after READING and THINKING about whatever I wrote. Too often we get so stuck in a particular brain fog we lose the capability of even THINKING that someone else may have a point, even if its a point we have diligently resisted.

For example, my co-worker Sissy, just found out she’s going to have another baby. Her current “baby” is ten years old. I know that she is fervently anti-abortion, or, she was. Yet, when I told her that T-Bird will be an aunt again (that would be Chay, 19 years old, working on baby #2 by man #400), she said, “You know, I used to be anti-abortion…” I don’t recall exactly what wording she used but her views had changed. My guess is she’s still just as anti-abortion as I am. That’s right, I’m anti-abortion. I think its used far too often for birth control. Yet, I remain pro-choice.

I remain pro-choice because of another friend. She and her husband became parents very, very early (she was 16, he was 18) but decided they didn’t want to have their kids too far apart, even given their young ages. Vick was pregnant the same time I was pregnant with Nate yet an ultrasound showed their baby did not have a brain and the spinal cord was deformed and exposed. Why nature did not right this wrong, I do not know. This is why I believe abortions should be kept legal and safe. I just wish more people were more discriminating.

But, like I said, I won’t be changing anyone’s minds by what I write here. This blog is an emotional release for me. I can use it to document my life, rant about my fucked up government, and I can hopefully use it to educate a little as well. What I wrote two posts down about our government’s terrible response to Katrina had to be written for me to at least have some feeling of power over the situation. Then I washed a lot of clothes to donate. I feel better now.


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On The Other Hand…

September 3, 2005 at 10:50 am (Uncategorized)

I ranted about our government below, so now, in light of Jeanette’s post, I’m ready to calm myself, be thankful, and count my blessings.

My family is safe, all of us, and have homes. We’re more fortunate than probably 90% of the world, much less NOLA.

It is absolutely beautiful here today. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the streets are clean. I am indeed blessed.

I have access to healthcare, other than a few problems, which, although irritating, are nothing compared to the hell others are going through, not just in NOLA but all over the world.

Give if you can to the Red Cross or The Salvation Army or other charity. I am.

And remember, although the people around you may not be in the dire straits the citizens in LA, MS, and AL are, there are still people in your community who could use a helping hand. Although it may not a appear as such, most people could use a helping hand more than a hand out.

Think globally, act locally.

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I Can’t Keep Quiet Any Longer

September 3, 2005 at 8:51 am (Uncategorized)

I’ve purposefully not posted about my feelings about what has happened in NOLA since Hurricane Katrina. Whatever I’ve said has been more about concern for my family and friends. Now, after listening Mayor Nagin tell the government to “get off their asses” and he feels as though he has nothing to lose, hell they’ve lost everything, I’ll say this.

This IS the worst response to a natural disaster I can ever recall. THE WORST. A day or two into it, and I was wondering where the hell everyone was.

My dad even said it and my dad is a Republican and military and he’s disgusted. DISGUSTED. Disheartened and helpless like the vast majority of us are to do anything.

I’m going to say this and you folks can bitch and moan and gripe about partisanship and that I’m a Democrat, whatever. I’m a citizen of this country first and a Democrat, mid-leaning Centrist, second.


Think about it.

This is not just about our President. This is about OUR ENTIRE GOVERNMENT. I’m ashamed that MY representatives, Republican and Democrat, because we do have both, didn’t put more pressure on to resolve this situation more quickly. It could have been done. My dad, a 25 year veteran of our armed forces says, “It should have never come to this.”

Our President, our representatives, should have looked at everyone around them and said, “MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!!” Instead, they held a freakin’ meeting, like no one knew this hurricane didn’t have the potential to be one of the worst hurricanes and wreak CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE throughout the Gulf Coast region.

Our President is not the only person in Washington with power but when its the President’s son or the President’s brother, I don’t guess people need prodded as much to do their fucking job.

And finally, if you don’t like what I just said, I don’t care. Its the truth. I have my own memory. I don’t need CNN to refresh my recollection of hurricanes to hit the US within the past 20 years.

Even my cousins were making excuses for the poor response. It takes time to mobilize the National Guard. Good one, except my brother is in the National Guard and has been for almost 20 years. When my brother gets the call, my brother is GONE. My brother packs his shit, kisses his wife and kids and leaves. Because its his duty. He took an oath to this country. The National Guard are the minutemen of modern society. And even in this little poor state, our citizens, devastated by flooding a few years ago, weren’t waiting for supplies. Granted, it was on a much, much, much smaller scale, but they were there.

Its time to stop making excuses. I would feel the same about my govenor, who is a Democrat, if he pissed around at his retreat at the Greenbrier and didn’t return to Charleston. I’d vote him out of office for such a lack of caring for his fellow citizens. People like that don’t deserve to run a state much less a country.

General Honore… Git ‘er done!!

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September 2, 2005 at 10:56 am (Uncategorized)

I was reading over my old blog posts because I just felt like it and thought, Damn, I can be pretty funny when I want to be. I found a few that I wanted to resurrect and maybe bring a smile to some faces when smiles are in short order. I thought I would re-write this a bit and make it more understandable.

What I write in italics is what I was THINKING.

“What ever is in quotations is what was SAID.”

Channeling Jim Morrison

I answer phones on roll-over at work. That means the receptionist is stuck with someone and the phone ring and rings. It’s a chance you take picking it up, afraid it might be that client you’ve been dodging. I usually try and disguise my voice. Today, I got a guy who said, “I gotta sort of a wierd question.”

God, I love these.

He said, “I was divorced in ’98 in Florida,” immediately I’m thinking, Good, I’ll refer him back to Florida. Bad me.

“Well, my ex-wife called to let me know her dad died and the estate is worth a couple million dollars.” Ooooookaay.“Now, why would she do that? Her dad and I were always on good terms.”

Be damned if I know mister since you called a law firm instead of a psychic hotline, but I’d try like hell to get back in her good graces.

“Well sir, perhaps you were named in the will.”

“I didn’t think of that.”

Damn, but I did!

“Me and him were always close. Just because I divorced her don’t mean I divorced him.” Oooookaaay

“Sir, did she just call and say, ‘hey, my dad died, he’s worth 2 million?'”

That’ll teach ya for divorcing me!

“No, no, matter a fact, we talked for 4 hours and cried together. See, she never got along with her dad very well,”

So much for the inheritance, dump her!

“And I broke on through to the other side,”

Whooaaaa, serious 60’s drug use here causing him to channel Jim Morrison, “so it really patched things up with them.”


“Sir, I think maybe since you and her dad were so close that she wanted to talk to someone who loved him as much as she did. She needed to make a connection with someone who would understand what she was feeling,”

I am SO good!

“Yeah, yeah, I think that may have been it.”

Then why the fuck did you just waste 5 minutes of my time?

“Thanks for clearing that up for me. I really appreciate it.”

Not a problem, Thursdays are always my most psychic days.

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The Fortunate Ones

September 1, 2005 at 9:13 pm (Uncategorized)

I just got off the phone with my cousins. They are west of Lafayette but did make it back today to check on their homes. Yes, they are there. My aunt and uncle, and both my cousins still have their homes with little or no damage. They stopped some looters while they were there so they may still suffer looter damage although Katrina didn’t break their windows.

My cousin is having some medical problems from her recent surgery but they sounded upbeat and very, very thankful. Here’s what they were able to tell me that the news hasn’t or rather, what I haven’t heard since I don’t watch TV.

The causeway spanning Lake Pontchartrain is… not entirely missing but missing mile long chunks. Its basically trashed.

The town where the hurricane made landfall is completely gone. Not even debris is left. Not sheet metal, not plywood, just zip. Nada. Nothing. Flat places where businesses and homes used to stand.

If you haven’t heard, but most of you have, Aaron Broussard is now the dictator of Jefferson Parish (where Seven lives or lived). He declared martial law and seceded Jefferson Parish from the Union. His deputies were involved in four gun battles with better armed looting gangs and he took matters into his own hands.

The hospitals are appealing to The Associated Press for help.

Almost all of the bridges are gone. Okay, all of the bridges on the east side of the city are gone.

The good news is, they passed several caravans taking evacuees to Houston. So, at least someone is getting out of that miserable city.

My family are indeed, the fortunate ones.

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