The State of the Union – September 2005

September 14, 2005 at 6:17 pm (Uncategorized)

Fossil Hunting

Nate and I found some and I took pictures. I’m just waiting to get the film back or rather, to use it all, and then get it back after developing.

I FUCKIN’ Love You, Bitch!

Jeff and the kids were in a car accident almost two weeks ago. A woman hit them almost head on. Luckily, it was at a low speed and everyone is fine, except Jeff. He has the spine of 90 year old. They also saw a “suspicious spot” that they think may be cancer. Did I tell you he was diagnosed with diabetes a while back? Did I tell you how much weight he’s lost?

He’s got a lot of on his mind, not just with all of the wreck related stress, but his spine, the “suspicious spot,” his diabetes, and that leads him to basically be an ass, hence the subtitle, which basically leads me to be upset. The subtitle was his response to me asking him if he hated me since he was being as mean to me as he possibly could, or very close.

I alternate between wanting to choke him and being very worried that my son may have to watch his father die, not to mention, damn it, and don’t ask me why, I still care about him.

Sometimes you look at someone’s life and say, “ENOUGH ALREADY!”

Face Ache

Finally discovered why I’ve been feeling so crappy. My face has been extremely sore and achy. I went to the dentist, it wasn’t my teeth. Yeah, I got a couple of cavaties, but neither are serious enough to cause any pain. I thought it might have to do with my sinuses – not them either. I got my eyes checked today and they were the same prescription so it wasn’t eye strain.

Finally, finally, finally, I woke up this morning to find the pain had receded from the top of my head, my jawbone, my cheekbone, and down the side of my face, to center right over my left tempomandibular joint. A gift for all the times I spend grinding my teeth.

No, not in my sleep, I snore, I don’t have time to grind. I grind during the day. I’ve probably caught myself five times while writing these last two sentences.

The Relic

Remember the king size waterbed frame I had? Well, I finally took all of the parts up to the attic. Well, almost all of the parts. That’s what anger and sadness does to you. It makes you do stupid things, like haul heavy shit up creaky pull down steps while trying to keep from stepping on the six cats who think, “HEEEEY!! MOM’S GOT THE ATTIC OPEN!! LET’S GO LOOK!!! Better yet, LET’S RACE!”

Test Results

Nate got his standardized testing back. He scored: Distinguished in Math (the highest),and Above Mastery (the next highest) in Spelling/Reading, Social Studies, and Science. His Star reading test came back at 5.6, meaning in the 3rd grade, 9th month, he was reading and comprehending on a 5th grade, 6th month level. He’s my boy!!

So, that’s the State of Union – September 14, 2005.

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