I’m Not Going To Change Anyone’s Mind…

September 4, 2005 at 11:16 pm (Uncategorized)

And that’s not what I’m here for. As Jeanette reflected in the last posts comments, it isn’t healthy to remain bitter. Luckily, I have my blog as a forum to post my thoughts and rants and release all those bitter feelings. As I’ve said before, writing is my emotional release. Its not just about creatively writing, or technically writing, its about release.

I’ll not change anyone’s mind although I hope you learn something by stopping by on occasion. If you change your mind because of something I wrote then its because YOU changed your mind after READING and THINKING about whatever I wrote. Too often we get so stuck in a particular brain fog we lose the capability of even THINKING that someone else may have a point, even if its a point we have diligently resisted.

For example, my co-worker Sissy, just found out she’s going to have another baby. Her current “baby” is ten years old. I know that she is fervently anti-abortion, or, she was. Yet, when I told her that T-Bird will be an aunt again (that would be Chay, 19 years old, working on baby #2 by man #400), she said, “You know, I used to be anti-abortion…” I don’t recall exactly what wording she used but her views had changed. My guess is she’s still just as anti-abortion as I am. That’s right, I’m anti-abortion. I think its used far too often for birth control. Yet, I remain pro-choice.

I remain pro-choice because of another friend. She and her husband became parents very, very early (she was 16, he was 18) but decided they didn’t want to have their kids too far apart, even given their young ages. Vick was pregnant the same time I was pregnant with Nate yet an ultrasound showed their baby did not have a brain and the spinal cord was deformed and exposed. Why nature did not right this wrong, I do not know. This is why I believe abortions should be kept legal and safe. I just wish more people were more discriminating.

But, like I said, I won’t be changing anyone’s minds by what I write here. This blog is an emotional release for me. I can use it to document my life, rant about my fucked up government, and I can hopefully use it to educate a little as well. What I wrote two posts down about our government’s terrible response to Katrina had to be written for me to at least have some feeling of power over the situation. Then I washed a lot of clothes to donate. I feel better now.


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