Greetings… Its Me… Nanner

August 4, 2005 at 10:05 am (Uncategorized)

Good to be back from my mini-vacation. Although, it wasn’t much of a vacation since I had to do all the copying and pasting and editing and picture posting. The only thing I didn’t do was write it.

So, bet you’re wondering what I’ve been up to. I finished the three articles I had been working on and have shipped those off to be critiqued by three different bloggers. Well, one has already critiqued. Now, I’m just sitting back, letting them get “old” and wondering what else I can write about.

I started a new diet. I don’t like to say “diet.” I guess it is a diet but I’m enjoying it so much I’m definitely going to continue. On the menu for breakfast: About 4-6 oz. each of “Green Goodness” and “Perfectly Protein” – the perfectly wonderful beverages from Bolthouse Farms. Green Goodness looks like something I’ve left in the refrigerator too long but it is MMMMM-MMMMM Good! And the Perfectly Protein is Vanilla Chai and soymilk. It is also MMMMM-MMMM Good!

An orange, a banana, a couple dried apricots, filberts, and Mountaineer Mix (cashews, almonds, raisins, sunflower seeds), coffee, bottled water, and four supplements (Vitamin C, multi-vitamin, fish oil, and calcium).

For lunch, two small pepperoni rolls I made last night, and all the carrots, watermelon, cantaloupe, and pineapple I care to stuff my face with. See, I’m not going completely Vegan!! For dinner… not sure yet.

I haven’t lost any weight but I sure do feel better. I love fruit and veggies, that’s why I couldn’t do the Atkins diet. Gotta have my fruit. Although, I can say I’ve had some flu like symptoms, which I’ve read is normal as I root out all that junk out of my body. I’m inching towards going pure Vegan for a while, but not right away. I had a few of Nate’s Micky D’s fries last night… just five or six… and it was heaven, let me tell ya.

I could drink a whole bottle of this Vanilla Chai/soymilk stuff. I could tip the liter up and just chug. Its found in the produce section of your local grocery store. I had to look up one of the ingredients in it – Carrageenan or something like that and found its basically the by-product of red seaweed and is used in just about everything under the sun.

Oh quit wrinkling your nose, you didn’t know before now did ya? Go… Google it and see how much of it is in the things you eat. Guess you’ll read more labels from now on.

Troy was appreciative of your comments and I did tell him that my numbers went up consistently during the week so even if peeps weren’t commenting, they were reading.

Let’s see… what else is going on. Oh, yeah, I’m taking another trip. Where? Well, its really sunny and it has palm trees. And Leese, Jeanette, Mikey, Gooch, Aimee, and Varla live there. This will be my fourth trip to the West Coast. My third this year. Well, I guess technically Las Vegas doesn’t count as the “coast.” Anyway, I’m going to L.A. AJ is supposed to be there and Aimee will be about three hours away at Kate’s, so we’re trying to work out plans to have a small Blogger Con. Jeanette, expect an e-mail from me… 🙂

Speaking of traveling and flying… was shocked and amazed at the crash outside Toronto, 309 people… broken aircraft… fireball and everyone lived. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. And that one bitch had the nerve to say, “Well, they didn’t seem very well prepared.”

Well, Ladybitch, I’m sure the flight attendants thought the same thing you did… they were on the ground… They aren’t flying the damn plane, they can’t see out any better than you. They opened the door didn’t they? They got the emergency chute down didn’t they? They told you to jump didn’t they? You fucking lived didn’t you? So shut the fuck up!!

Its great to be back.

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