You Can Take The Cat Out Of The Home…

July 24, 2005 at 11:23 am (Uncategorized)

But you can’t take the home out of the cat. This is Lola, who I gave up for adoption on the Saturday before Father’s Day (5 weeks ago). Yesterday, Hagar’s wife told me she had seen a black cat on my porch and wondered if I had kept any of my black cats. I told her no.

However, last night as I was letting my other cats in to eat I saw this black cat on the porch and recognized her immediately. I picked her up to look at her belly just to make sure, since Lola has a white pelvis and a few white hairs on her neck. Yep, it was Lola.

She looked at me guiltily like, “Yep, its me, Lola.” I took her in the house and put her down at the food bowl. The other cats came over and smelled her and then licked her so, that was that. Now she’s laying alseep on the Christmas tree box. I figure if she made it a little over two miles, crossed the railroad tracks, and evaded the humane officer she can stay. She’s in good shape, her fur looks good, I found one flea, and she’s not knocked up, at least that I can tell right now.

Oh well, what’s a witch without a black cat? She’ll have to earn her keep though. When I have my big ass pumpkin party, Ms. Lola will have to pose in Halloween pictures. So there. The big puss.

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