Bad Blogger

July 18, 2005 at 9:04 am (Uncategorized)

Sorry I didn’t answer any of the comments from this weekend. I’m a bad blogger!! Forgive me.

So, I talked to my cousin PC last night and since he had finished the book, he and I had a gabfest over the still to come (in two or three years… its already killing me) Book 7. I spent the remainder of the weekend doing further research on Jesse James and his connection to my family. I found a very interesting commentary on him posted on another family site which supports my great-great grandmother’s assertion that she served him dinner in a boardinghouse in Pikeville, KY, sometime around 1874/1875.

Matter of fact, I’m so excited, I’m writing an article on it. I hope though, to actually make it to the area and meet some of my distant relatives, take pictures, etc. I will be contacting the Pike County Historical Society and see if they have anything in their archives NOT related to the Hatfields and McCoys.

I’m also working on an article on ADD/ADHD from a personal perspective and on a trip I took to East Germany/Berlin before the Berlin Wall fell. I now feel the need to research National Geographic to see if they have done an article in the last 10 years on an idea I have. Wouldn’t that be the shizznet? If National Geographic paid me to do an article? Hey, I aim high!!

Anyway… I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and I’ve got files piled up to my chin, I need more coffee and some sort of sustenance. Happy Monday!! I’ll be around to see you guys as soon as I can.

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