The Votes Are In!

July 14, 2005 at 11:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, not really but its worth saying that. After much ado about nothing, I’m going to the Harry Potter party as… ahem… a Dementor, sans that weird face. I’ll use my own weird face, thank you very much.

This time tomorrow I’ll be hanging out, waiting for the stroke of midnight. Sadly, Nate will be at his Dad’s, but he is asleep in my abaya right now, which is what I’m using as a cover up tomorrow.

Not much else going on in this berg other than we continue to wait on the “cool, calm soaking rains” that the weather man has been promising us since Dennis was just a wee small tropical storm. Dennis comes by for about five minutes, drizzled out enough moisture to make it unbearably humid and then goes about his merry way, leaving us dry and unsatisfied. Just like a man!

Ooops and I forgot to water my pumpkins. I planted 15 Jack O Lantern seeds and 12 Big Max seeds. If they all hit, I’ll have a bumper crop and you’re all invited to Inanna’s Pumpkin Patch to find your great pumpkin. I may blog a bit more tomorrow… at least to let you know… I GOT IT!!!


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