Country Roads

June 20, 2005 at 10:06 am (Uncategorized)

Thanks for your support. (Hi El Sid!! Love ya girl! Sure was good to see you lurking about.) Little Bit #1 was dying as I left the house. Shit. I thought she was going to make it. Its hard not to think of my other cats and how they are, if they’re confused… I wish I knew what cats were thinking.

Went to see my Mom and Dad yesterday and spent the better part of the day with them. They are having trouble with one of their neighbors who doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together and the one he has doesn’t work half the time. He says my parents’ mailbox, paper box, and farm sign are on his property. Technically, his property does extend to the creek, which would include the mailbox etc., except… the great State of West Virginia, who turns 142 today (please begin humming, “Country Roads” to commemorate), has a 30 foot right of way along that road, as it is with every road in WV. Its on that 30 ft. right of way that my parents have their shit.

Now, Mr. One Cell thinks he can just come over and tear down my parents mailbox. Can you say, FEDERAL OFFENSE? That’s it boys and girls. I knew you could. He told my dad that “things were going to start happening around here… blah blah” which my dad, rightfully, took as a threat to himself, my mom, and their property. So, my dad goes and talks to the Sheriff who is so sick of hearing complaints about Mr. One Cell that he says if he has to come out there one more time he’s going to arrest him. My dad is filing another report today about his threats.

This is how stupid Mr. One Cell is. The last place he lived, about five miles from where he is now, he irritated his neighbor so bad the guy set fire to Mr. One Cell’s house and told him, “Hit the road Jack.” This is what happens when you piss of your neighbor who also happens to be a convicted AR-SON-IST. Mr. Arsonist, in a fit of road rage, followed some dude home and sets fire to his vehicle. Yeah, this is the kind of person I want to piss off.

Of course Mr. Arsonist isn’t all that bright either. During the road rage incident they practically found him covered in gasoline, can in hand, ready to the light a match, although he did get by with burning out Mr. One Cell. I’m thinking Malatov Cocktail here. I know how to make napalm too.

Mr. One Cell has also sent peeps by our house trying to stir dust up, spinning out in my parents’ driveway etc. and, joy, joy, he has also shot someone before. Yeah, I’m not at all happy with this situation. What worries me most is my mom, unlike me, doesn’t know her way around a gun. My dad has a sweet little .38 that she could shoot. It fits in the palm of his hand. Although I have to admit that I prefer a rifle with a dead on scope…. ahem, I mean, for deer hunting. *Straight face*

Anyway, my dad and I were going to shoot yesterday but… my mom… talked a lot. Her friend also stopped by with her adorable poodle Precious. I’m normally not too crazy about poodles but Precious lives up to her name. She really was precious and I want one. I’m not getting one or the Chihuahua that I want… but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want one.

Peeps… I’m exhausted and glad I’m taking off work early today for Nate’s doctor appointment. I made myself a watch band this weekend to go with a watch face I bought last week. The last time I was in Nashville I had purchased a couple of grams of light gray beads and they finally spoke to me. I beaded squares with a long open center to frame a clear 6mm round Swarovski crystal. The watch face is round silver colored with black/gold accents. Its very pretty.

Thanks again for your kind words about my cats. They’ll always be mine, regardless.

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