May 10, 2005 at 1:56 pm (Uncategorized)

Thanks for all of your well wishes and offers of support. I know a lot of you have suffered the loss of a parent and others have had close calls, not to mention those of you who have stared death straight in the face and said, “Neener, neener!” As some of you who chat with me have found out, I talk about it in fits and starts. I know that once they do the CT scan they will probably just do a biopsy so … maybe it would have been better if they didn’t say anything until it was all over.

Upward and onward peeps.

My mom really loved her Mother’s Day gift and was happy to have her wrist and earlobes photographed. I’m working on a new necklace called a Cellini Spiral. I’m also working on something called Russian Leaves and of course, that sunflower brooch for Jen. I got those new pretty beads in Las Vegas… so I wanted to re-do part of it… and now… damned if I know where the damn beads are!! I also lost a little pouch of my size 15s that I’m using on the Cellini Spiral. GAH!!! Time to clean!!!

Not as tired today as I was yesterday. I was ready to fall asleep all day yesterday!!! Must have been because I had been working in the yard and then I slept eight hours!! That’s what messed me up. My yard looks like a jungle. Must be why there was a “citizen complaint” against me and the great city I live in sent me a letter setting forth the commandments of lawn care and how I have broken said commandments and if I didn’t rectify the situation I would have to appear before the tribal counsel at the Coliseum.

Its that I live in a neighborhood of retired fucks who have nothing better to do than drive around on Sunday’s after church to see who has and has not cut their grass. Probably pissed I’m not out displaying my breasts in my bikini top… must be because its been FREEZING COLD!!! And RAINING everyday I’m home!!! That must be why the FUCKING GRASS ISN’T CUT!!! Then I couldn’t get my weedeater started… pisser. So, I took it apart… and then I put it back together… and it started and ran and then it stopped. It sucks. The lawnmower you have to caress and finesse like a scared virgin. She gave up the cherry yesterday… bitch.

Then, I ran out of gas for the mower. Its getting late… I’m tired but hell, over half the backyard is done. Problem is, I have a big ash tree in my front yard and there are little limbs everywhere, not to be confused with little lambs, and Nate took the rake handle to play Ninja’s or Lord of the Rings or something and somehow, someway, I no longer have a rake handle. *Rolls eyes* So, exactly how am I supposed to rake the yard in preparation for mowing without a freaking handle?? Yeah, I know, go buy one… go bite me. Nate has to either find the rake handle, a rake with a handle, or he gets to pick up all the limbs himself.

I’m going to Nashville this weekend (if all is well) to meet my cousin for the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. I guess I’ll be seeing AJ again unless he’s too busy mowing his yard. He’s got a thing for his yard…

I’m hitting the afternoon doldrums…. coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

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