May 3, 2005 at 3:03 pm (Uncategorized)

Have you ever waited for a long time for something? Like, the new Harry Potter book? Or a particular meal? Or a vacation? I’m sure we all have.

I’m a speed reader so having someone read Harry Potter to me or over my shoulder, and me having to wait to turn the page is my idea of hell.

Oh, and that meal, my favorite meal that I have to wait the longest for is my German mother’s pork chops. I can make them exactly as she does and they’re still not the same. I definitely don’t want someone skewering a piece with their fork and taking it off my plate. Pancakes, sure. My German Mama’s pork chops, I’ll gnaw your fingers off.

And the vacation… now, you have to spend it with the person who will annoy you the most. In my case, probably my mother. Not because she’s annoying but because we have very few things in common and even less patience with one another. I love the sun, sand, and surf. She’s allergic to the sun. I drink, she doesn’t. I used to smoke (still will on occasion – I’m realistic), she doesn’t. I get tired of gossip, she doesn’t. Just too different.

Now, that’s how I feel about il mio amore. I’ve waited long enough for him that like reading “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,” wienerschnitzel , and a vacation sans my maternal lineage, I’m not sharing. Selfish Nanner. Damn up straight. Not that I’m not excited and proud and totally enamored and completely crazy about him, I’m just going to ask you to trust me that whatever man you may have envisioned for me, he’s all that and a Harry Potter book, weinerschnitzel, and a vacation.

But, I did promise some detail. Here it is: I got on a plane and flew. I saw snow and sun, sand and water, oh, and land. My face is tan and chapped. He kissed me multiple times in multiple places, both bodily and geographically. We went bead shopping. We had the most romantic dinner. We did stuff that is none of your business, heh, but the couple in the next room over made mention of it… *wink*

In all fairness, you may feel free to ask me “yes” or “no” questions about where we went and from my answers you can try to guess the destination. If you are the first to guess then I will reward you with… something beaded. I’ll try to update the comments with answers at 6, 9, and 12 EST. Ready? Go.

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