Not Dooced…

April 28, 2005 at 11:30 pm (Uncategorized)

My boss came in today and told me to cut out the IM and “diary thing.”

It was disheartening but I wasn’t “dooced.” *Sigh*

Don’t be upset with my boss, I’ll be the first to admit, as I already have, that my work has not been up to par recently. It is still my job. They still pay me. I must acquiesce, for now.

Before that, I was looking at the Millennium Tarot set featured in the post below and clicked on “free reading.” It randomly selected cards and then you could click on them to see the meanings. Guess, what I got in my “present” position? Just guess. Awwwwww, come on, guess…

All right, it was the farkin’ Tower card again. Now, I clicked on the “free reading” for fun but when I saw The Tower I just said, “Okay, I get the message.” Interestingly enough, the “mundane meaning” was along the lines of “a new and exciting journey” or something like that but also listed the standard “higher meaning” and the “reversed meaning.” So, okay, upheaval, intense somethingaruther, now you’re starting to scare me. Naw, that’s actually horseshit, I’m not. Its all about perception. Okay, so life might serve me a basket of lemons, I’ll make lemonade. Brave sounding aren’t I?

Really, I don’t see it so much as a warning as opposed to… a hey, hold my beer and watch this! Like, yo! You are not going to believe this shit! Pay attention this is gonna rock. your. world!! Aren’t you guys excited??? Upheaval awaits! Change is afoot! My new and exciting path lays before me!

You know the shit of it? Its never really that exciting. I mean, you expect, literally, like it is on the card, lightening is striking, and the flames are burnin’, people are bailin’ out… but in reality, its much more in the moment and hopefully there’s no flames, unless its some dude’s clothes.

Okay, enough of that. Since I love you peeps and I’m exhausted and still have to pack and all that jazz, I thought I would post the first two chapters of my erotica romance novella over at my NaNoWriMo site linked on the right. Its become a catch-all for meatloaf and tarot cards, not to mention the beginning chapters of MikeyJames and the NannerPeach. I really love that story, I’m going to work on it… not right now… later.

Peeps, I’m out. Have a wonderful weekend.

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