April 20, 2005 at 12:38 pm (Uncategorized)

You guys remember this –

If you’ve just joined the program, those are french-beaded flowers, just like the sunflower in the previous post. Beaded flowers, unlike the necklaces I made for Zelda and AJ’s daughter, Amy, and unlike the projects I’m currently working on which involve a lot of beads and a lot of thread, beaded flowers are made from beads and wire. The beads are strung on the wire and then they are twisted and curled into the shapes of the parts of a flower, then assembled with more twisting and floral tape to create what you see in that picture.

It is labor intensive. I made it for these peeps. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Actually its for my host father and mother, Horst and Erika, top row from left to right. Beside of my Mama is my brother-in-law Frank, my brother Michael, and my brother-in-law Donnie. (I just visited him and my sister Claudia, in purple sweater, and my nephews, Andrew (with glasses) and Justin, while I was in TX.) To the left in the green is my sister Marion, in the middle, poking her head between her great-grandsons is Oma Benzinger. I blogged about her here.

Oh yeah, this is my German/American family, the one’s I stayed with during my year abroad. Claudia and Donnie met while I was there and married in 1991. Anyway, back to my french-beaded flowers. Labor intensive bastards. That’s a really crappy distorted digital picture but since I forgot the bouquet at my real Mom’s at Christmas and she told me she would send it out and then she didn’t and now… ahhh… this bouquet is no where to be found. It is lost. She says she must have given it back to me. I have no idea. I just know… its not here!! And my house is… A DISASTER AREA!! *help*

As for Jen’s sunflower, I have completed the center portion. I think it looks awesome but that’s just me. I’m biased. Then imagine my dismay when I realized I had no fucking yellow beads. The ones in the rose bouquet would be the perfect shade of yellow too. The only yellows I have are a mustard yellow, as seen here, in the bracelet I made for CooterAng.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The browns you see in this photo are also the browns I used in Jen’s brooch. I had already used the mustard yellow in the center of the sunflower. I also have a very light yellow bead but I need a vibrant, bright yellow bead. I know, “Hey Nanner, just run out to Wal-Mart and get a couple packages of yellow beads.” Bite. Your. Tongue.

It may not be apparent from the photographs, but the beads used in the roses are a size 10, whereas the mustard yellow beads used in Cooter’s bracelet are an 11 and the two shades of brown are 12’s or 13’s. That’s freakin’ tiny… and they make them even smaller. Now, I just can’t run out and use a big ass size 10 with these teensy tiny delicate 12/13s. Someone else might not know the difference, I could yap about “creative license,” but the reality is… I’m anal. So, its back to the bead store at noon or there abouts to see if the new beading store has any opaque yellow beads, preferably #721.

Oh, yeah, and remember from yesterday about how I worked on this piece and then it ended up messed up and how I had to trash it? Well, I remade it yesterday. The first one was too big, this one was too small… but to hell with it. I decided I would try and loosen a base thread (bad, bad) but it worked so… nah. I also noticed this morning that it looks sort of like… a vagina. Maybe that’s just because I’ve got a doctor’s appointment…

Speaking of annual check ups… I’ve found a ribbon pattern which can be used for all of the ribbon campaigns (pink, yellow, red/white/blue etc.) so I thought I would give that a try. I gotta go. Yearly duty calls. Please, squirm uncomfortably, I will be.

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