I’m A Travelin’ Peach – Part II

April 7, 2005 at 1:56 pm (Uncategorized)

Now that I feel less inclined to kill someone, I can continue with my narrative.


Ha ha ha. The joke was on us. I thought “Tinyhands” would be the exact opposite of the woman featured in the Seinfeld episode with the manhands. Not so, not so. I have photographic evidence. Its just questionable as to when I may be able to post it. Yes, the Nanner is poor and what was I thinking paying the mortgage instead of getting my pictures developed!?!

Anyway, as Tinyhands walked past the windows, Zelda remarked that it may be him as he looked like “that guy from Friends.” I said, “Joey?” “No.” “Chandler?” “No.” Brighton said, “ROSS!” “Yes, that’s it!” And yes, he does resemble Ross in a number of ways, its quite uncanny. Especially the smile. He and I sat on opposite ends of the table so it wasn’t real easy for us to communicate. However, I can say that he slid quite comfortably into the group and seemed to be very at ease with us crazy peeps, especially since Brighton, Zelda, and I did more than our share of dominating the conversation.

We got to hear first hand about the nephews and niece. Although, admittedly, I was buzzing a bit at this point and being at the far end of the table it was difficult for me to follow the conversation. I followed a bit more of the conversation relating to another personal matter that I won’t go into here. Tinyhands has a great personality, very congenial, laid-back, interesting fellow. I wish I had had more of an opportunity to spend time with him. And knowing that he is a private person, I appreciate him coming out and having drinks with us.


Following a dismal trip from New Orleans to Nashville, nothing was more welcome than the friendly faces of AJ and Michelle, not to mention that peach margarita. As AJ said in his blog of my return trip, we talked a lot about my future, the impending changes in my future, but also, the past. It was our beloved Jack, our Texas Music Jack, who pointed out, “The only constant is change, my friend. We’re like water…we stagnate if we don’t flow.” Stagnate water smells too and breeds mosquitoes.

Frankly, I can recall talking about a lot of things with AJ. I can’t exactly recall what all of them were though. I believe I was a bit more exhausted than I recognized until AJ blogged and my brain was extremely foggy. Plus, this non-smoking thing has not been wonderful for my concentration and putting forth the effort at remembering things. I just know that spending time with AJ has gone from that favorite uncle, to favorite cousin, to favorite older brother.

Well, I’m looking into it but it really may be a while until I can post the pictures. Until then, I will regale you with further written expressions of my trip. I am still feeling a bit sluggish, which I understand is normal when quitting smoking. grrrrrrr….

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