March 30, 2005 at 5:49 pm (Uncategorized)

Wow, hi guys!! Thanks for your comments and concerns. (Noonie – Greek yogurt?? hmmmmmmmmmmmm) (Ha ha KtP… :-P)

I’m at Zelda’s right now. I’ve been here since about 10:30 yesterday morning. What a GREAT COUPLE!!! Yep, they are the best. I LOVE THEIR GIRLS!! You talk about sweet. Had margaritas with Brighton and her hubby, and Tinyhands last night. WE HAD A BLAST!! Brighton is everything you could imagine. Bubbly, beautiful, bouncy! I actually stopped by her place first on Monday. Her kids are equally as wonderful. Sara was just getting off the bus and David and Hunter were hanging around. Sorry that I missed her Annie. Hunter is… OMG! He is sooooooo funny!! More on them and Z. and J.’s girls when I get home.

Tinyhands hands are not tiny. Just thought I would give up his secret. I have pictures to prove it. He got there a little later and I was already buzzing so…. he also sat on the opposite end of the table from me… bummer. Nice, nice guy though. Great sense of humor.

I have had the most wonderful time in TX! Don’t mean to leave Seven out. He was SUCH a good sport about wandering around the Quarter with my cousin and I … shopping. And I normally hate shopping. He was kind enough to buy us a quick breakfast at Cafe Du Mond and then a beautiful butterfly hair clasp for me. Thank you Seven! Sweet guy – a little more quiet than I expected but, like I said, a good sport.

This trip has gone wonderful and I still have AJ to look forward to again on the way home. He says he’s taking me out for …. TEXMEX AND MARGARITAS!!! LOL!! Bring it on. My sis is great, my nephews are sooo big but absolutely they both smile at me and then blush. J4 doesn’t even remember the first time we met. Great, great boys.

Weather… couldn’t be better. Had a few problems in LA but the rest of the trip has been fabulous. Will need SPF 30 for the trip back to LA tomorrow. Mileage so far… 1300 miles.

Gotta run. Miss you all. Can’t wait to catch up.

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