Too Many Arns In Da Far

February 24, 2005 at 1:02 pm (Uncategorized)

That’s Southern speak for “G-ddamn, I’m busier than a one-armed paperhanger in an ass kickin’ contest.” Ya’ll say that in the North?

And what is up with all of the damn passwords I have these days?? Three e-mail accounts, two separate Blogger log-ins, Blogpatrol, Photobucket, Haloscan, Jeanette’s blog, my work computer, my accounting program, audioblogger, porn download, Verizon account, eMinutes, online bill paying, cell phone voicemail, home voicemail, two check cards. I even got a password on the damn PS2 so Nate can’t play Grand Theft Auto. Gahhh!! I get all dicked around and bumfuzzled and can’t remember which password goes to which username, if I can remember the user name at all. No, I don’t write them down. I mean to but I just never seem to get there.

Craft projects out the ass.

Seven books to read.

Nate is a little under seven points behind on his AR points. So, we’re going to read “The Book of Three” together. I really want him to sit and read it to me a bit and we can read back and forth. The amount of homework he’s bringing home has decreased and the teacher says he’s doing better.

His mid-term grades are all over the map. “A”s in Spelling and Health, “B” in Social Studies, “C”s in Reading and Science, “D” in Math and “F” in English. I think. I haven’t actually seen it yet as he keeps “forgetting” to bring it home although the principal called to tell me what they are. He has 2 1/2 weeks to see how things go before I do intervention.

I reminded him that he’s brought his Spelling, Health and Science up from C’s last nine weeks. He’s holding steady in Reading and Science and we just need to keep all of those where they are and work hard on bringing up the Math and English. Its like he can bring one up but then another falls. Everybody send him good vibes.

My desk looks like … a dunno a hurricane came through??? Tornado?? File folders, loose records stacked in piles and the boss keeps coming back with more files.

I started this at 8:54 a.m. and I’m just now getting the time to finish it. I haven’t had enough coffee. My parents stopped by. They have a lemon law case with my firm. My dad is so meticulous about his car you can’t imagine what hell it is for three sets of front tires to wear out in 36,000 miles and then have to listen to him about it. They think either the frame itself is bent or the spindles are wrong. It gives me a headache. The lawyer here who is dealing with him told me that now he realized I got my personality honest.

What? Do you have a problem with my personality?

Damn. Pulled off another project for another project which will put the other project behind and then that will filter to the other projects. Damn. Gotta go.

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