Good News!

February 16, 2005 at 10:43 am (Uncategorized)

Good news, finally… sort of. My ADD doc and others are trying to get CHARTER SCHOOL LEGISLATION PASSED!!! I told him I would help in any way. I have quite a few contacts at the Capitol through clients and associates of our firm, especially other attorney’s and friends of friends. Woot!!! Yay!! Yay!!

Once the legislation is passed they will apply for a charter for an ADD/ADHD school!!! Woot! Woot! Woot!

Furthermore, found out the school is fucking me over on Nate’s evaluation/IEP/504. This is their unlucky day. I’ve bypassed the teacher now and I’m going straight to the head of the resource room. I’m fairly certain that Nate’s teacher would have sent my message along but then it was conveniently lost or misplaced by said principal who is a bitch who could use a big fat PB&J sammich! She’s obscene.

Trust me, when I walk into the school its like they have “Parent who gives a shit” radar and all administrators and teachers automatically hide somewhere. And if they are caught by you then they smile like they’ve smelled something bad. I have news for these peeps. There is nothing wrong with Nate. He’s not a freak nor is he a bad kid nor is he lazy or without merit. The fuckers just don’t want to have to make accommodations for kids like him.

Now, I work 5-6 days a week. Last year, I paid out over $1300.00 in state taxes. AND, we have the fucking lottery supplementing my tax dollars. Yet, they don’t want to have to take the time to give Nate oral tests, which he can do much better on, than making him sit for hours and hours on end, which accomplishes nothing! The point is not whether Nate can write word for word everything they want, the point is whether or not he knows the material!!!

How often do you write something longhand if you can write it on the computer? I do, but that’s just because I like to slow myself down and watch myself form letters on the page, otherwise, fuck it, I’m using the computer. Even if I send snail mail letters… they’re still freakin’ typed! Yet, they want to force Nate, who has the information in his mind, yet can’t get it out through his hand sit and sit and sit and sit.

The Lonely Child has trouble reading material and understanding it. BUT, if you read it TO him then he understands perfectly. Yet, they won’t do it nor will they give him ANY ASSISTANCE IN THE SCHOOL to help him. Luckily, many school systems in WV are pushing through a different reading system which has practically a 100% rating. This system teaches kids to read who the experts said never would. Out with Saxon Phonics.

I’m going to call my doc’s office back and find out what that system is and where I can find a copy of the program or someone who can use it for The Lonely Child. I’m doing research on Charter school legislation, and if I have to, I’ll type up the freakin’ legislation myself, its not like I don’t know what I’m doing in the legal craptola.

Anywho… Monday my I-net was filtered at work. I thought I was gonna die. I do have I-net access now… go figure but I’m being cautious. So, if I’m not around a lot like I used to during the day… now you know why. I know I owe a fews of ya e-mails and I’m getting there.

Have a great day! And that’s an order!

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