Now Serving # 399

January 30, 2005 at 7:38 pm (Uncategorized)

That’s right… number 399. My 399th post. Which is not right really since that includes pictures and posts that I wrote but didn’t post. Since Blogger won’t count anymore, I did. Yes, I do have better things to do.

This weekend has been okay. I’ve been dealing with Nate and my sick cat. One of the kittens is ill with, I’m assuming, Coccidia. Nasty little intestinal parasite that most cats contract and build an immunity to without any problems. Stress lowers the immune system and obviously something has irritated Emmett because he’s not doing so well. Amazing how a perfectly healthy, roly poly kitten can become a bag of bones in two or three days. He’s on my lap right now, wrapped in a washcloth. He’s been laying out by the furnace too. I’ve been trying to keep him warm because he’s lost most of his body fat.

He is eating and drinking so that’s a plus. He’s getting special meals with a vitamin in them and I’ve been watching him pretty close. Coccidia really can’t be ‘killed’, it can only be thwarted momentarily by sulfa drugs until the cat has an opportunity to build the immunity. In the environment though, the only thing that can kill it is …. ammonia. So, I got two brand new litterboxes for everyone to use while I disinfect the others. Amazing how its just ONE. Always ONE. I’m not complaining. I would rather it be just ONE as opposed to all 11.

MJ went home with Sissy on Friday. She was supposed to take Emmett but he was so sick I gave her the hyper, cranky one. One down, three to go. Nate complained loudly about giving the kittens away so I told him to pick out four of the other ones…. Needless to say, he decided we should give the kittens away. :o)

Enough of that.

Things I rarely buy at the store:

Potato Chips
French Onion dip
Snacks containing sugar
Junk food in general
Pop/soda/sugary drinks of any kind

What I bought at the store:

Potato Chips
French Onion dip
Raisin snack cake

Guess what time of the month it is? I don’t like salt very much, except… ahem, a certain salty thing but I cook only with a minimum of salt and I don’t salt my food afterwards, unless its just really needs it.

Speaking of food and diets… I’ve been researching diet changes for Nate regarding his ADHD. I guess for myself too. Still researching…

Okay, I gotta go get Nate in the bathtub… work a bit and then get Nate in the bed etc. See ya later.

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