Writer’s Block

January 26, 2005 at 6:15 pm (Uncategorized)

Yay. I finally was able to kick around with Picasa, Hello, PhotoImpression, Adobe Photoshop etc. and got some pics uploaded to my photoblog for inclusion in my pictoral post. I don’t feel like it now. Go look at the pics and guess the story leading into each one. Have fun.

I am calm today. Perhaps it is my sleepiness which has drawn me into a mellow state of affairs. Thoughts wind among themselves like rambles of brambles and nothing seems to snag me. Nothing seems that important that I want to waste more than a moment contemplating it yet I find myself contemplative of my serenity.

Its a feeling of Spring, when the March winds blow and the sunlight is finally warm again. The feeling of laying on an Earth that is still cold and shivering from winter’s breath and warming it with our thoughts of Summer.

Its been over a month since the Oak King wrestled the Earth from the Holly King and awaits the maiden Goddess to marry, knowing that each year he is destined to curl into her womb as a new babe while his brother draws us again into darkness.

I check my three e-mail accounts and find my “Best of Beliefnet” newsletter. The headline? “Why The Dead Want Our Attention.” I smiled. They are very good at linking other articles previously featured. Good and bad. I am reminded that there are many who do not believe as I do and they don’t want anyone else to believe either.

I am a healthy skeptic. Anyone who blindly follows will be lead astray eventually. I understand both sides of the mystery… the side that is skeptical and the side that knows how difficult it is to interpret the signs, the voices, the feelings.

I could work on this. I could also take up ballet again. I nurture many things but my body never seems to be one of them. I also do not nurture what’s over my left shoulder. Why me? I wonder what they want. They have to want something, right? I assume when someone taps me on the shoulder that they want something. The time, directions, to tell their family member they know she was going to name her child “Noel.”

Perhaps though, its the tap on the shoulder where someone hands you a dollar bill which fluttered from your pocket, a mitten, or a package which slips from the bottom of the pile. Maybe they want to give me something. Perhaps they would like a mutual aid agreement. You help me, I’ll help you.

“You tell people freaky things that make them look at you strange and we’ll help you clean your house.”

“I was thinking more on terms of deep everlasting love and the lottery.”


“Worth a shot.”

I was… what? Tagged. Yeah, tagged by Seven to answer something about music. So…

Random 10

1. You Got Another Thing Comin’ – Judas Priest
2. Jane – Jefferson Airplane
3. All I Ask Of You – Phantom of the Opera
4. Fantasy – Aldo Nova
5. Megalomaniac – Incubus
6. Slither – Velvet Revolver
7. Rock You Like A Hurricane – The Scorpions
8. Sure Know Something – Kiss
9. Night Train – G N R
10. Jack’s Texas Music – Jack

Total # of music files on computer:

Last CD you bought:

“Contraband” by Velvet Revolver (linked at the right with the sexy silhouette)

Last song you listened to before this post:

“The Reason” – Hoobastank

Name five songs you often listen to or mean a lot to you:

1. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
2. Damned If I Do – Alan Parsons Project
3. Madelaine – Winger
4. Small Town – John Cougar Mellencamp
5. The Rose – Bette Midler

I guess I’m supposed to pick other people?? Any volunteers?

Oh well.

I went to The Sound of Muzik blog today. I got there through Sigmund, Carl & Alfred, the irreverent blog with the heading: This blog is dedicated to the world of bloggers, many of whom exhibit more than mild symptoms of various personality disorders. If you have a blog, sooner or later, you’ll be on the couch – Sigmund,Carl and Alfred. This is one guy who talks like he’s three and he’s calling the rest of us crazy? Its like everything else in Blogland, its funny, so who cares.

Back to “The Sound of Muzik.” He posted a list of words and asked that you make up new meanings. Here’s what I came up with:

Masticate: The act of spoon-feeding ideologies to a large group of people.
dastard: The illegitimate child of a dyslexic.
Grunion: a smelly Nirvana fan.
Truckle: A large amount of cash
Palimpsest: the reduction in the size of the male genitalia following the payment of Truckles to the mother of a dastard.
Paralipsis: Congruous collagen injections.

Oh look, I don’t have writer’s block anymore.

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