January 25, 2005 at 4:19 pm (Uncategorized)

I had a pictoral post planned and actually posted it last night but the pics needed re-sized and I’m pixel-illiterate and even frantic IMs to Seven last night at 2 a.m. did not fix the problem and I realized I would probably have to start over from scratch with re-scanning, re-sizing in my scanner software and then re-loading to Photobucket. BTW, the pics last night filled up the entire screen. I know you guys love me and all, but talk about up close and personal… geez.

I was doing a pictoral because I have nothing to say. Mark it down. I got nuttin’. I have a multitude of thoughts swimming in my head and a myriad of emotions that I am not ready to allow to surface for the breath of air that they desperately need to live. (Maybe I do have something to say.)

I don’t want them to live… therefore I try to drown them in the bile at the bottom of my stomach. I told Green-Eyed Lady in an e-mail that since Kansas City, when I opened the Third Eye, I have been unable to close it. Its like they saw their chance and now refuse to back down. Then I’m faced with the shoulder tapping, *whisper* and I turn and look behind me, searching for the source, knowing its not back there or below me or above me… its inside. Its only my perception that they stand behind and a little to the left.

Writing that makes me realize that I don’t recall ever turning to the right when I feel “that feeling.” T-Bird made a remark to me after I told her that I had pulled quite a few shots to the left and down when I went shooting. She said, “You ride the yellow too. You pull to the left when you drive.” I hadn’t thought of that before. I am the personification of right-brained. Maybe that’s why I pull to the left… ??? Am I so right-brained that it affects the leaning of my body?

That’s not a serious question so please don’t rack your brains… left or right. Another thing, I was talking to someone today who asked me to “read” them. I gave him the standard disclaimer, “You asked for it.” I pictured him in my mind’s eye and started “seeking,” “searching,” “scanning.” It was like listening to a record played backwards… hits and misses. Which is unusual. I couldn’t figure out why I was having such a hard time pinning down his energy. I realized later, it was because he was mobile. MOBILE! HA! His energy wasn’t being absorbed and transmitted, it was bouncing.

Now, that would explain how its easier through written word of any kind (IM, e-mail, letters) to “read,” because they, the person, are stationary and the energy is concentrated. Probably. There are no definites. Ever.

*Muse* *Muse* *Muse*

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