January 24, 2005 at 1:08 pm (Uncategorized)


No shorts here damnit! TWO degrees this morning when I woke up… UGH! Yet, a heatwave compared to Bangor, Maine where it was -29 with windchill and somewhere in Minnesota it was -56 or something. Pipes didn’t freeze so I’m good to go.

Why? Oh Why? Am I going to yet another COLD ASS place? My buddy Troy, JAG/Airman, is being re-deployed to the Middle East. Okay, actually he VOLUNTEERED because no one else in his office would. Either that’s bravery, stupidity or boredom. I think its boredom. When I expressed my displeasure, he said, “What else do I have to do?” For someone who is going to join the ranks of another government agency with three initials that spies on people once his time is up in four months, I thought I had better deploy myself to the frozen Northeast and see him. It could be years before I see him again. :o(


I went to see “Phantom of the Opera” this weekend with PC. He laughed at me because I cried. I hit him about the face and shoulders which caused him to laugh more. I think I will take Nate to see it next weekend. I would like him to have an appreciation for opera and this movie is INCREDIBLE. PC said he thought it was more moving and emotional than the stage version because we were “closer to the action.”

Then we went shooting. So, he laughs at me and then puts a .22 caliber pistol in my hand and then a .45. I’ll post pics tonight. (Was this the smartest thing to do?)


Thanks to everyone for your thoughts on my new look. I sweet-talked Seven into it once I saw his design for Reama. Did a fabulous job didn’t he? He’s for hire.


I’m crazy about Italian charms now… the ones that go on the bracelets that Jamie got for us and brought to Kansas City. I want to have one bracelet completely for bloggers. I found several… “One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor” but then I found “I love Margaritas” and the State of Texas and “Who’s Your Daddy” and “Twins” and a turtle, “I love shoes,” “I love my Pug,” “I love my Weenie Dog,” “I Love S.F.,” “No-Cal”, “So-Cal,” “All Your Bases Are Belong to Us,” “Trailer Trash,” “7,” “I Love to Screw,” “Spongebob,” “100% Democrat” or “Republican,” a celtic cross, “I love California,” the Superman symbol and the word “Girl” and tons more, if that gives you any idea.

Actually it would fill up almost two bracelets as I have a small wrist and can only fit 16 charms on. Plus, I found this AWESOME witch one!!!

I must have it! I’m also getting one that says BLOGGER!! Another, MUST HAVE!!!

Okay, now I must work…right after I hit some blogs…

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