January 10, 2005 at 10:26 am (Uncategorized)

Jay is going to match our contributions to Savannah and her family (click title above.) Donate anytime between now and midnight Central Time on Friday the 15th. If you donate, make sure you make it plus a penny (ex. $20.01) so that bloggers will be singled out and we’ll know how much to take Jay for. MAKE HIM PAY! I will be donating tomorrow as it is payday for me!


I have not given up my Best of Blogger posts yet. I’ve unfortunately got them spread out so far, work, home, slips of paper that I wasn’t able to get one together last night. For those interested, next Best of Blogger will feature… the West Coast/NW bloggers…(JP, Vicki, Leese, Jeanette, Vader, Goooooch!, Aimee and Joe). Then I’ll do the South/Southeast (AJ, Catt, Angi, kim, Seven, Regan, tinyhands(He shoulda been with the Texas peeps but sue me okay?) and El Sid). Then the Midwest, Northeast etc. Bear with me, might take me a while but I’ll get there.


As the circle widens and I begin to e-mail and chat with bloggers outside of our blogs, I’m always shocked at the perceptions that others say I leave on my blog. One said I was mysterious… and… I just couldn’t believe that. One told me who she thought my best “blogger” mates would be. Just my luck, one was married, one doesn’t blog anymore and the other one… well, I still pine for him from a far. I have found who they think I’m WAY TOO MUCH WOMAN FOR.

Another blogger gave me the low-down on Internet relationships and how we do tend to be more open, dropping our guard, which makes for some pretty intense emotional connections. I’ve never experienced any type of Internet “relationship” but I can see what he’s talking about. You take out the physical, the worry over physical attributes, the “does my breath stink, is my make-up too dark, is my flab showing, do I look sexy enough, am I talking too much, am I boring, do we have a spark, does he/she want to sleep with me, should I kiss him/her” bullshit and get right to the heart of the matter and that’s who we really are and hopefully, what we really think.

I haven’t had a relationship since I started blogging. I had one when I started though. And wouldn’t you know, I stopped seeing him because he kept me at arm’s length and wouldn’t COMMUNICATE with me. I’m not picky about communication, write me a letter, e-mail me, chat, talk to me on the phone, face to face, smoke signals but for Christ’s sake, do something!! Don’t sit there like a bump on a log!!! Anyway…

I read on Michelle’s site that she had read on another blogger’s site about “cliques” and how she didn’t like visiting blogs that were a part of a “virtual community” and she was DEFYING CLIQUES. Well, have at it honey, but don’t rain on our parade. Furthermore, I don’t believe I’ve ever belonged to a “clique” and if I did, it wasn’t the popular one. This is not high school sweetie, we’re not going to stare and point if you wear the wrong kind of shoes or your hair has a bad perm. Geez, I think we’re a pretty nice bunch of peeps and definitely worth wiggling in amongst.

Ha! Look at Seven and Lois… wiggled right in. Why? They’re great writers, funny, friendly and, most importantly, crazy.

I feel great!! HAPPY MONDAY!!!

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