Its Over (Part One)

December 26, 2004 at 11:49 am (Uncategorized)

I have survived the first round of Christmas. The second will occur when my most immediate family actually finds the time to get together (i.e. when my brother can be bothered to bring his bitch and brats down to the ‘rents.)

In addition to the wonderful gifts listed previously, I also received, a book, a shirt, a clock, 20 or 30 washclothes (from T-Bird, because I have none. None, okay, maybe two) and a pedometer, also from T-Bird. My friend Beanie has been taping episodes of Nip & Tuck for me so she gave me those. Yay!

Now it is time to look ahead to the coming week. It will be a busy one. Monday, Nate has a doc appt. at 9:20, then he will go to his dad’s. I will pick him up after work and take him to my Mom’s until Thursday evening… ? Friday afternoon? We will celebrate New Year’s with dip.

While Nate is gone, I’m going into that room of his and cleaning. Everything in there is basically getting trashed. Well, almost. I need to make room for all the new stuff. Plus, I will be cleaning around the house and blogging and making medicine pouches and something for Annie. Oh, and working a lot since I have a multitude of bills to catch up on before the KC trip. Sigh. Always something.

My Christmas tree didn’t get put up until Christmas morning. I checked all of the lights before I put them on the tree and yet one half of one strand did not want to work. So, I have a white light star, a big black section, a blinking section of white lights and then a steady section of white lights. The only other lights I had were colored so I strung those over the dark section. So now, it has a white start, steady colored lights, blinking white lights and steady white lights. Yes, its beautiful… different but beautiful. I didn’t put a lot on it… bells, and jingle bells and some other ornaments, most that Nate made or some highly breakable swans.

Before I left to start Christmas rounds, I threated my cats with their lives and the pound if I came home and found my tree on the floor. When I told my mom this, she asked if I thought it would do any good. I told her I was certain that my felines understood my meaning and I would find my tree wonderfully intact even after being gone for almost 10 hours. And it was. Absolutely 100% intact. Not even an ornament on the floor. YAY!

Oh, I almost forgot. My German parents sent me a new witch, which is hanging in the Christmas tree (she’s flying on a broom) and a new set of swans from some place in Germany. I collect swans. (I have two swans made of Swarvoski crystal that they sent me.) They were immediately put in my curio cabinet. I suppose one day I need to sit down and catalog all of them since alot of them are expensive… like the Swarvoski’s, Fenton’s etc. Plus, sentimental value.

Ahhhh… now, Nate is watching LOTR – ROTK the extended version and I’m blogging and getting ready to start on something for my niece. We’ll see if it turns out okay.

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and a quick recovery!!

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