December 8, 2004 at 10:05 am (Uncategorized)

And no one will get hurt.

I have numerous projects ongoing at this time due to my fascination with torturing myself, sleepless nights, callouses and bleeding. Yes. Beading. As if making intricate necklaces with loops and dangles and nets wasn’t enough (that’s one of the 3/4 finished projects (ahem… Zelda)) then I just HAD to learn how to make those nifty beaded flowers. OI! Or OY! Whichever. (Yiddish, in honor of Hanukkah)

I came up with the bright idea, after I was able to make a rose, to make a small bouquet for my host family. Time frame, time frame, time frame. It has to be finished by… oh say… Friday. That will give it two weeks to get where its going. The problem with making these roses is, you just don’t make the roses. You have to make the sepals (that’s the little petals underneath the bloom) and then leaves and baby’s breath. Uh huh. So, I got one done last night and I started working at 5:30. Okay, its not completely done, it still needs the leaves.

The other one I started wasn’t a complete rose. I’m making it a bud. Yes, cheating, cheating, cheating… deal. But it still needs sepals, and leaves, and that fucking baby breath!! I’ll be making a lot of leaves tonight. But since the bud vase is small I won’t need as many. Oh, did I mention that I’m beading a cover for the bud vase? Its called “bottle” or “vessel” beading. I’m a glutton I tell ya. Did I mention I’ve never done this type of beading before?? Yeah. I’m nuts. I’m crazy.

If I’m able to pull this off though… see the netting for the bud vase will be in red, white and blue. The roses are red, black and yellow. The colors of the American and German flags, respectively. Clever girl, aren’t I? Not really. When I lived in Germany I had my 18th birthday and my Papa made a huge number 18 for my cake from thin wood and then decorated the “eight” as the American flag and the “one” as the German flag. I still have them somewhere.

Ah, well, my other projects. How about three blooming cacti?? The fekkin blooms have three continuous loops of green, eight continuous loops of yellow (which are not difficult, I got five done this morning in about 10 minutes once I figured out how many beads per inch I needed) but then I have to make another 22 FEKKIN PETALS and that’s JUST FOR THE BLOOM!!!! (Not hard either after I figured out, again, what the fuck I was doing since the instructions SUCK!) It had better be the hardest part. I think things will go much easier when I start the actual leaf thingys to make the cactus itself. Those are for my bosses so technically I have until December 23rd.

Oh, what else??? Oh, still have to put the connectors on Nate’s sis’s necklace. And Sissy wants a daisy pin. And I forgot Cooter’s bracelet again this morning…. grrrrrrrrrr. And, if I have time, I want to make my mom a beaded African violet to go with the pin and earrings I made her. And I still have to make the boys their medicine pouches!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! Okay, calm. I’m going to loom their names so I’m not tooooo concerned about how much time that will take me. Sew together… put a string through the top… loom names… glue, sew, done. Right? Right????

Then I would like to do something really nice for Nate’s teacher but she may just have to wait until after the holidays!!!

And then there’s blogging. My head is spinning. Trying to remember who I have and have not read. I’ll go to Jay’s and see Leese and realize I’ve neglected her so I run to CA and visit Jeanette while I’m there and that reminds me of Kristin so I run to TX and then I’m in Boston with Sloth and Dastard, then I’m back to CA to check on Mike and then to TN for AJ, and then NC for Sid, and GA for Regan and then I realize I missed Aimee on the West Coast and then its back to TX to visit Jack… oh, and I have to go say good morning and smooch Trashman, then its off the Midwest to see if Katey is around, then I realize I’ve been neglecting Tsarina, then I’m off to Canada to visit the Countess, then that reminds me I have to stop by South Africa to visit Esther, ACK!! Then I forgot about Catt so I run by to VA, oh and while I’m back on the East Coast I gotta swing by Angi’s place in NC… back to the midwest to check on Seeker… where the feckin’ hell is he anyway? Moving? Gone? And while I’m there I swing by Celti’s and Cooter’s… oh shit, but I forgot Gooch, back to CA, and then I’ll swing North and catch up with Vicki, JP and Vader… crap!! What are Zelda and Jethro into this week? Back to TX… then I want to catch up with Sean and tinyhands… sigh… oh wait and Kat in FL and feck!! Did I just forget Jamie… NOOOO!!! Say it isn’t so!!!! Shit! Did I forget to read Steve this morning? (Shit… I know I’m forgetting someone or ones.)

No wonder I’m tired!!! This is also to say, with all of this beading and traveling around, I may just pop in and out and not say much or I might miss you for a few days but I’ll be back around. And if you come by my place, which you already are if you’re reading this… move a cat, have a seat, the beer is on the porch (don’t ask) and please… don’t touch the beads.

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