Captain, We’re Stalling

December 6, 2004 at 10:50 am (Uncategorized)

Sgt. Lizzie

Sgt. Lizzie was stalled in the line of duty for her country. As in the previous post, send her some blog love. Plus, I believe she could still use a front tooth. If anyone has an extra, please overnight it to somewhere in Iraq. (She’s pretty self-deprecating so don’t think I’m terrible.)


I’m stalled on Michael’s project. I started it and then didn’t like how the beads looked. Wrong colors, not matching like I wanted. Sorry Mike, I scrapped it. I will have to re-order beads from a different company. I have one of their brochures and they look much better. *sigh*

Love Life

I was so tired Saturday I didn’t go out to see Jim, I passed on my female encounter and AZ didn’t show. I realized that I’m not so much unhappy as I am lonely. Which is a different state of being for me. I enjoy my solitude but this is getting ridiculous. My mother took the opportunity on Saturday to remind me that my brother is getting fixed on December the 10th (Let us all mourn his Republican swimmers… NOT!) and chose to remind me that “Its all up to you now.” See my “DIP!” post for more details.


I wish someone would realize that if I had more money I could do a lot more good for people. When I get money or have extra, have a windfall, something, which is not often, I grease the palms of someone else. I donate to charity or give a friend a few bucks who I know is having a hard time. Funny what $20 can do for a person.

Normally I donate to The American Cancer Assoc., The American Diabetes Assoc., or the Alzheimers Foundation. This year I’m adopting a bunch of hot men in the Middle East… err, that means an Army unit somewhere in Iraq that I found on I may not be able to send much and Nate may get one less toy but so what? Their lives are on the line and the unit I’m adopting doesn’t receive very much correspondence and practically no packages. WHERE’S THE LOVE???

Leveling off at 25,000 feet

I have made my SIL’s, Nate’s sister’s and my mom’s Christmas gifts. I didn’t want to make my Mom a necklace she would never wear so as I was leafing through my bead book and came across beaded flowers. ( You use beading wire/beads and then fold it into petals and leaves) I made her a brooch and matching earrings of African violet blooms. I may add another few petals to the brooch. If I had the extra money I would get the floral tape and different gauge wires and attempt to make her a bouquet. By the time I figure that out, it should be Mother’s Day.


As to why my blog is messed up. Blogger still shows me as having 198 posts and I know I passed that forever ago. I dunno. I thought about changing my template, then realized I would lose everything and said, “naaahhhh.” I’m just too lazy to transfer all my perks.

Nose Dive

Got some bills in over the weekend. They will effectively kill my bank account and all the money I had set aside for Nate’s Christmas gifts. I may have enough, then again, he may have to do without some things at my house. He won’t do without. He has his dad’s, Aimee and her mom (that’s his sis), both sets of grandparents, four uncles, my host family (who always sends a little something), etc. I just like having a decent Christmas at my house too.


No word, but we settled five cases last week for an accumulative $400,000 give or take $10,000. We have another settling this week. The pay won’t be much but we will get a lot back in expenses which is very, very helpful. Cross fingers. My trip to Germany is definitely a no-go as the prices jumped on December the 3rd from $700 to over $1000 per ticket. 😦

Sucks. But hey, it could be worse. It could always be worse. Just remember that… IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE.

Leveling off again… coming in for a landing. Call the ball.

Its a ball!!!

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