Are You Ready To Rumble?

December 1, 2004 at 11:26 pm (Uncategorized)

No hello. No dear. Just the title above on the letter I sent to AZ. I wanted to confront him in person but I was so mad and hurt I was afraid I couldn’t have gotten anything out of my mouth other than “fucktard,” “fuckwad,” and “fucker.”

On the back of the envelope I put, “What do you say to an angry witch?” and below that I put, “Ribbit.” Hee hee… just a little pagan humor but also fair warning. I’m still fired up.

I asked T-Bird, “Guess who called me?” She said, “Lex?” I said, “Yeah, and AZ. Together.” She gave me a look and said, “Oh, I gotta hear this.” She did.

Anyway. I was going to post about something that irked me. Other than the aforementioned asshats.

Its this lyric:

Like I need to defend my own innocence
So what, I did it, I admit it, and I’m pleading the 5th

This is from Nickelback’s new CD, the song is “Flat On The Floor.” Sigh. I love this song. Its hard and raw. But that damn fekkin lyric irks the shit out of me. YOU CAN’T ADMIT IT AND THEN PLEAD THE 5TH!!!! The “5th” is in reference to the 5th Amendment to the Constitution. The Fifth Amendment actually entails four separate rights. One of those rights is that you may not be compelled in a criminal matter to testify against yourself.

The Sixth Amendment gives us the “you have a right to an attorney” sing-song-and-dance, made famous by Miranda vs. Arizona (although for some reason in the Miranda case the Supreme Court states its the Fifth Amendment which gives you that right, although it states, perfectly clear in the Sixth Amendment, that you have a right to counsel. Whatever.)

Anyway. The song is just wrong. The lyrics are catchy but they’re wrong. I can’t help it. It hurts me inside because I would have Chad Kroger’s babies!!! I do have to cut him a little slack, he is, after all, Canadian, and perhaps familiar with the term “pleading the 5th” but doesn’t actually understand, you know, what it fucking means.

If you sit on the stand and say, “I did it. I admit it,” you just confessed. You can’t take the Fifth because you just incriminated yourself.

Maybe he did know, and he didn’t care. Maybe he knew and he thought he would drive one paralegal from WV out of her mind because she would like nothing more than to tell him to ‘change that goddamn lyric, its killing me.’ If I ever met Chad Kroger, do you know that in the face of danger and almost certain death I would most likely NOT be able to keep my mouth shut about that, which would probably ruin any chance of having his babies?

This has been a long week.

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