Sapphire and such….

November 29, 2004 at 9:59 am (Uncategorized)

Sapphire, one of my new kittens, is not doing well. She’s weak, still has her umbilical cord and is not growing like the others. Basically, a failure to thrive. I put her on the nip this morning and I’ll do the same tonight. I figure she is getting milk, but because she is so small she’s getting the leftovers and what she needs is the good stuff.

I told Nate that I would prefer that nature take its course. If something is wrong with her then its best that we leave her be. I take my cue from Morticia though. She cleans her and makes over her just like she does the others. She hasn’t rejected Sapphire but, being a cat and not having hands, is pretty powerless to stop the other kittens, who are much bigger and stronger from taking her spot at the nipple board.

I told Nate if she makes it until tomorrow, by herself, then I will get some replacement formula and hand feed her. She may just need a supplement to get her over the hump. She is going to be a really cute girl. My sense of fairness just will not let me give up on her. I always root for the underdog, or cat, in this instance. I will also make up a batch of home-made Pedialyte © tonight and feed her some with a dropper. She is a bit dehydrated, which is more dangerous than just being underfed.

Oh hell, I know I’ll risk overdrawing my account and will go to PetSmart tonight and get her some formula, if she’s still kicking when I get home. *Crosses fingers*

On to other things.

Nate and I moved furniture, cleaned and made a spot for the Christmas tree. We got it about half-way up and I found it laying on its side this morning, a victim of curious cats. This is why its almost impossible to have a tree. I’ll have to anchor it to the floor. Maybe I can spray something around it to keep the cats away.

I made my sister-in-law a necklace and earrings for Christmas. I’m making J1, J2 and Nate, all matching medicine pouches, similar to this one. My mom, who was huffing mad and stressed to the max with my nephews and my SIL, asked me if I thought she would ever spend so much personal time doing something like that for Nate. I said, “No, but that doesn’t mean I have to be like her.” And it doesn’t. I can’t afford much. I can’t depend on what is looking to be more like a non-existent bonus so I have to do what I can afford.

Plus, I’ve had this idea for a long time. The boys love anything to do with hunting and things like that. I figured it would a nice place to put marbles and things they find in the woods. I’m also going to bead their names on each of the pouches… that way, no fighting! I’ll probably put a few other things on them too, just to make them special. I can loom all of that and it won’t take me any time at all. Just have to get the beads.

When Nate and I were leaving my parent’s house the other night, Nate said, “Mom, that tree is looking at us.” I thought I’d had too much turkey or something until I looked at the big oak tree that my car was parked under. My parents had gotten one of those novelty things that you put on trees. Eyes, nose, mouth, like the trees from “The Wizard of Oz.” I laughed until I almost cried.

Happy Monday!

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