No Sleep Til…

November 24, 2004 at 1:31 pm (Uncategorized)

Tomorrow? The nabes and I sat outside last night with a kerosene heater, drank beer and tried to belch as loud as possible when someone would come down the street walking, running or on a bike. Naturally, we misfired all the time.

J.A., which is TLC’s mom and I talked about the fact the school nurse told TLC that he smelled like cat pee. Well, I told her that he does some days. His clothes rather. Okay, most days. He smells worse than cat pee. Sometimes he smells so bad I have to roll the window down on the ride to school and its only six blocks. TLC smells really bad, Hagar… ehhh, sometimes and J.A. never does.

I think this is because she hangs her clothes up etc., while TLC is known to take clothes off the hanger and dump them in the floor… and the floor stinks… so. Sad. Anyway, I agree with J.A. that the school should have called her or Hagar and not said anything to TLC. Maybe that was the school’s way of getting to them. Also, the teacher told TLC he was not allowed to play video games anymore.

I’m not sure how she intends to enforce that but J.A. overrode her and said after TLC gets his homework done that he can play video games. Must be those straight E’s the school is worried about.

J.A. was also telling me about her friend BeeBee, who she works with. She recently dumped her alcoholic, drug addict boyfriend and had to take the cops to the apartment to get her things because he wouldn’t let her in, threatened her, etc. Her ex opened the window to the apartment and yelled down to where she and the officer were standing, “Here, don’t forget this! You’re gonna need it!” And threw a dildo at her. She yelled back, “I wouldn’t have needed it if you were bigger than this,” and spread her fingers an inch apart. She said the cop bust out laughing. Probably made his night.

Then she was telling me about another friend? Co-worker… that is 47 years old and just found out she’s pregnant… again. She has two children and has had about four abortions. Problem is, chica takes seven Lortabs in the morning just to get moving, more throughout the day, and drinks every evening. No, she’s not stopping!!! J.A. asked her to stop the pills and stop the drinking and she would take care of the baby when she had it. I asked J.A. if Addict really knew what this child was going to be like when it came out, if it survived to be born anyway. Forget mentally challenged, the child will be teetotally fucking retarded!! They will remove the child from her custody, as rightly they should, if it is born addicted to a narcotic .

Some people should be publicly flogged.

Nate got up sick with diarrhea at 4:30 this morning. Amazing how one good call of “Mommy” with right inflection can bring one wide fucking awake at that time of the morning. Not just do your eyes fly open but you sit straight up in the bed. He didn’t throw up or anything, just went potty twice and then curled up with me and went back to sleep. Naturally, I did not for at least an hour. The adrenaline was already pumping.

Then I overslept. Well, not really, I just didn’t get out of the bed. I saw the time on the clock was 8:29 but the radio said it was only 8:21, so, I hit the snooze and rolled over for another eight minutes. I do that. Now, I’m tired.

I had worked on my new purse last night until midnight and I was really counting on those seven straight hours from 12-7 to get me through. Tomorrow morning I’ll be up at 4:30 to drive to my Mom’s house to go hunting. So far they haven’t had any luck. The deer are hiding because of the rain. One of them got a spike, but that’s it. Tricky bastards.

Still no news on my bonus, which reeks. Really reeks. I can’t tell you how much it reeks!! And stinks!! And reeks!! I told Bunsen yesterday that if I got it I was having dip all weekend, crab dip, devil dip, chili/cheese dip and crackers and Tostitos. I’m craving dip. I want DIP dammit!! Now, I’ll have to wait until Tuesday for payday.

I’m working Friday because I need the money. I found a cyst/tumor type thing on Smokey, that’s my big, fat nine year old cat. Its on his spine, right below the shoulder blades. Oy! Just one more thing. I’m going to keep an eye on it. Sometimes they are absorbed by the body. He could have bumped it on something too. Or it may be a warble. As some of you may not know what a marble is, it is the maggot or larvae of a warble fly that lives under the skin of mammals. I don’t see any type of hole though which would indicate this. Plus, the place would be hard and hot, this is mushy.

Well, that’s my world. Happy Thanksgiving Turkeys! Oh, I meant, Happy Thanksgiving, EAT lots of turkey… yeah, that’s what I meant. Gobble, gobble. Stay safe. Eat DIP if you have it.

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