Now, That’s What You Call Ironic

November 21, 2004 at 5:14 pm (Uncategorized)

After the fiasco with SD, (thanks Zelda) I wasn’t much in the mood to go out and get shit-faced or to stray too far from home. I went to T-Birds and had dinner and we decided we would go to the local Hole-In-The-Wall-Tavern to have a few drinks and still be close enough that if the cellphone rang, I was just a few miles away from Nate.

So, we hit the bar. As I was sitting drinking my first drink, a Peach Blossom which is Strawberry Smirnoff and Peach Schnapps (a nice healthy triple shot for three bucks!) I noticed the food list on the wall. One of them said, “Big Ass Cheese Samich” and another “World Famous in (insert town name) Wangs.” LOL!! How about the “Triple Decker Club Samich?” Sounds good right now.

A guy comes over that T-Bird knows named… Jim Bob. I swear. Jim Bob AKA Paw-Paw. He said, “You are one hunka good lookin’ woman.” A hunka good lookin’ woman. I don’t believe any has ever said that to me before. Not in those words anyway. Let me tell ya, I had on a old pair of low-riders that I got hand-me-down from someone else, an old sweatshirt two sizes too big, no make-up, my hair still wet and in a bun and I had my glasses on. Of course, that meant, comparatively speaking, I was dressed up. LOL!!

A guy came over and asked if he could buy me a beer (he was three sheets and working on four) and if I wanted to play a game of pool. I said, eh, what the hell… and surprised myself by beating him by playing a good game as opposed to just beating him because he was drunk. Then T-Bird came over and we played doubles with a friend of his. Every time he went to the bar he came back with two beers. By the time he stumbled out with his friend to go home, there were three full beers on the table. I sat down to drink one of them and got an eyeful of the girl sitting with her back to me with her ass crack showing. Oddly enough, I didn’t find that a bit attractive.

I then saw a really good looking guy. Enough that I gave him a few glances. It was something about his aura that I found… interesting. He also had a good singing voice as he went up and sang a Tim McGraw song. Yeah…. scary-okey… this place had it all. He and his friend were sitting behind us and I moved over so they could look at the chick’s ass crack, which made both of them chuckle. We started talking and I found out his name was Tim… hmmmm… he does actually resemble Tim McGraw. He asked if I wanted to go four-wheeling in his Bronco (nice and muddy in the Mountain State right now) so I dropped T-Bird off and followed him to his place. His friend went to put gas in the truck and we sat and talked, drank another beer, I met his dad, his nephew and another peep.

I was buzzing but I wasn’t drunk and he hadn’t had very many at all. Finally his friend got back and we got in the truck and took off for the dirt/mud roads. I was familiar with the area anyway but of course the locals know all the good spots. We ended up pulled off the road on top of a mountain. There was a lot of cloud cover so their was a faint glow all around us from the city lights. We sat for a long time and talked. I was getting tired too. Well, we both were and then we started kissing and eventually he hauled me over onto his lap. Good thing the driver’s side window was permanently down and I stripped out of my sweatshirt and bra and my jeans are unsnapped and …. well… ahem… he took his shirt off, ummmmm… nice chest.

That feeling of sitting in the woods, with an eerie glow, the night wind on my bare breasts and a man’s warm mouth… mmmmmmmm… and the crow of a rooster. A rooster? WTF?? Its two fucking o’clock in the morning! We got a kick out of that. Eventually we heard a vehicle and scrambled to get ourselves together. The vehicle never materialized but we decided to head off the hill anyway.

So, what’s so ironic about this? Ahhh…. you guys know what a love I have of reciprocation, blow jobs, sex etc. Well, I found myself in a situation where that wasn’t possible. Jim is paralyzed from the waist down and has absolutely no sensation below, well around T12, L1… about four inches above the waistline actually. It was… different but not a bad kind of different. I didn’t really know how to address it so I was just blunt and he was blunt right back.

Another interesting thing about last night…. sitting in a truck, with the eerie glow and watching someone drop the redneck facade, as though to step outside of what is expected, and be who they really are. A nice guy who has a job, is going to college and hoping to better his life. A change from the whining I heard from SD to this guy, who has been paralyzed for 10 years yet expects life to hand him nothing. Who is not bitter nor expects pity but goes about life just as we do, if not better. Who said the worst thing about his wreck (motorcycle) is how his son was six months old at the time and after three months in the hospital and another four years of coming to terms with his disability, he lost his bond with him.

Just a reminder of how fortunate I am. I had a good time with him, aside from the fact that he has magic fingers. That was nice but just being with him was nicer. He’s calm and sweet and… I just liked him. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’m off for a 30 minute nap before I have to face SD…. I’ll tell ya about our conversations this morning later. Why ruin a perfectly good day?

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