Yum, Yum

October 31, 2004 at 10:10 am (Uncategorized)

Since I left a bad taste in some mouths over my Osama post, I will counter that with a post about food. Yummmmm. I love food. I love good food. I love food that makes my waist expand.

Yesterday, I went to the store and bought cream cheese, crabmeat and sugar to make Leese’s wontons. Well, sort of a crab wonton/crab rangoon. I love crab. Love it. Used to crab in South Carolina with fishing line, chicken parts and a net. Then go home, dump them in the pot, boil, eat. YUM!

One of the best crab dishes I’ve ever eaten was stuffed portabello mushrooms. I can’t remember the guy’s name that gave me the recipe. Its crabmeat, Ragu garlic cheese sauce (like for noodles), some other kind of cheese sauce, salt, pepper, bread crumbs on top, bake in the oven. Heaven.

The store I go to has a very small asian section made up mostly of rice. I was able to get some duck sauce. Yummmm… peaches and pineapples… LOL! Alas! No wonton squares. They said they used to be in the frozen ravioli section but they stopped stocking them. 😦 But never fear, I found a recipe for wonton and I will make my own!!! This is such a good reason to clean my kitchen. I got about half way there yesterday. I’m moving right along.

Now, I’m hungry. Its just 10:00 too. I slept until 10:00 and then got up and it was 9:00. I love that!!! I think I will go ahead and mix up my crab, sugar and cream cheese and let it blend while I clean. I have no paprika and I have no cayenne to substitute so, oh well. It will be good anyway. I’m not much for extremely spicy food. Unless his name is Enrique.

If they turn out any good, I will include them in my New Year’s Eve feast, which normally consists of mini-weenies in sauce, homemade meatballs in barbeque sauce, devil dip (two 8 oz. packages of cream cheese, 2 cans of deviled ham, 2 mini-cans of green chilis, a few dashes or more of hot sauce, blend, eat on crackers – double recipe) I also wanted to try broccoli cheese bites and I may have pumpernickel with dill dip. Plus beer. Don’t forget the beer.

Now I’m really hungry. Time for coffee and oatmeal.

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