My “For What Its Worth”

October 30, 2004 at 1:48 am (Uncategorized)

Osama bin Laden has released a new tape. I read the commentary about it. I wasn’t surprised that they said, “bin Laden appears to be in good health.”

You know why? Osama dropped off the radar about two minutes into Persian Gulf II and has only been seen sporadically since in undated tapes etc. Much ado made about his kidney problems and dialysis. Dialysis, requiring a machine and electricity. In a cave? No, this is not going to cause any problems for generators to be running his dialysis machine.

My two cents…. just hear me out. Osama Mama has had a kidney transplant… m’kay. Now, don’t tell me our intelligence would have found the great bearded one in a hospital somewhere. Money talks peeps and he’s got a lot to talk with. Yeah, I can just see some hospital worker saying, “Yes, I’m going to turn the great Osama in for 1 million dollars.” Someone slips him 2 million and he decides to shut up. Doctor? No problem! If he can send peeps into our own country to learn to fly planes, surely to Allah one of them could find a way into a transplant program. Transplanting a kidney has become relatively routine. For Allah’s sake, they’re practically selling them on the Internet!!!

Osama has a lot of friends. Not just misguided Muslims, but countries. Whole countries. And money. He has a lot of money!!! Money to build his own damn hospital in a cave if he wants!! Something just tells me that if the dude hadn’t got a new kidney then he wouldn’t be walking around admitting he ordered planes to fly into the WTC, bitching about relatively peaceful elections in Afghanistan and dissing the Pakistanis for making his life a little bit more miserable. (Go Pakistan!)

There’s a difference in being insane and insanely smart (thank ya Vadergrrrl) and he’s insanely smart and he’s got the money to pull it off. I’m not sure if he helped or hurt the election. I think he doesn’t give a shit who wins because to him, its all the same. He will continue to wreak havoc and make us look over our shoulders. Even if we capture or kill him, his legacy will live on.

This wasn’t meant to turn into a rant about Osama, the terrorist, the murderer. It was meant to simply say, from my point of view: a) The asshole has access to good healthcare and b) he’s taken advantage of it. I say he’s had a transplant. What say you?

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